Shop All Wedding Accessories At One Stop - Amazel Designs

Shop All Wedding Accessories At One Stop - Amazel Designs

Punjabi weddings are colorful, loud and over the top with lots of fun and dance. These weddings are also lengthy affairs celebrated for many days consisting of pre and post-wedding ceremonies. Each ceremony has its significance which makes them unique. From colorful bridal outfits to Traditional Jewelry many wedding essentials make every Punjabi wedding special.

In this blog, we are going to talk about some of the wedding accessories which are less talked about but are very important for different ceremonies. Also, you can get all these items from Amazel Designs Online Wedding Store. So let's begin-


Kaleere is one of the bride's accessories worn before the wedding. These are umbrella-shaped golden hangings that are gifted by brides, sisters, cousins, and friends. There is a special Kalire ceremony celebrated in which the bride makes her unmarried friends and cousins sit down on their knees and shakes her hands on their heads. It is presumed that if any part of the Kalire drops on any girl's head, she will soon get married. You can buy Kalire in different design styles from Amazel Designs. Get them in flower jewelry, stones, pearls, etc. according to your outfit and other jewelry.

Groom's Jewelry

We talk about bridal jewelry a lot but groom's jewelry is always less discussed. With the changing world, grooms are also getting very particular about the accessories they wear on their wedding day. At Amazel Designs, we have a large variety of grooms jewelry, namely-

  • Groom Kalgi
  • Sehra for Groom
  • Groom Mala
  • Kaintha
  • Men's earrings

You can get many options in each category. Jewelry type, design, style, length, color, etc can be selected according to your preference. 

Shagun Rumal

Shagun Rumal is a very important wedding item for both bride and groom. It is a beautifully crafted round piece of cloth with a Dori (thread) to make it a pouch. This Shagun Rumal has very important uses which you can read in detail here.

You can get these Rumals in many designs and embroideries. The fabric which is generally used to make these Rumals is velvet and tissue. You can buy beautifully crafted Rumals with motifs, Tilla, and threadwork.

Traditional Wedding Gana

The wedding Gana is worn by both bride and groom. This Moli thread is usually red and yellow and embellished with beads and other different elements. This Gana symbolizes love and affection between the bride and groom and also protects the couple from evil eyes. You can learn more about wedding gana by clicking here. This is a wedding essential and you buy them before the wedding. There are many options to choose from when it comes to design and pattern.

Sahe Chithi

Sahe Chithi is the first invitation card for the wedding which is sent to the groom's house. This letter or Chithi includes all the details of the wedding and the people who are going to be part of this wedding. Know more about Sahe Chithi.

Earlier, it was handwritten by 'Granthi Singh' but now you can get pre-printed Sahe Chithi with blank spaces to be filled by the bride's family. You can easily get printed Sahe Chithi from Amazel Designs in various patterns and styles. 

Chooda Box

Bridal Chooda is one of the main attractions of Punjabi Bride. To keep this Chooda safe and secure, you need to have a solid choda box. This not only keeps your Chura bangles protected but also gives you a personalized style. At Amazel Designs, you can get a customized Choda box with a name or a special date mentioned on it. These boxes add grace to your dressing table and can be used to store bangles too.

All of these wedding items have their importance and can't be ignored. If you are residing in the USA and want to host a  full-fledged Punjabi Wedding then you must visit the Amazel Design Online store for all the above-mentioned items and more.