What is the need for Shagun Rumal in a Punjabi Wedding?

What is the need for Shagun Rumal in a Punjabi Wedding?

If you have ever attended a Punjabi wedding then you must know that there are lots of customs and rituals performed during the wedding. Some of these rituals need some special accessories. Well, here we are going to talk about Shagun Rumals and why they are needed. So, keep reading!

What is a Shagun Rumal?

A shagun rumal is a beautifully crafted round piece of cloth with a dori (thread) on the circumference to make it a perfect pouch with a stretch to the dori. 

The fabric used to make this rumal is generally tissue and velvet. The colour is bright like red, pink with golden or red tissue on the outer part. The inner fabric is generally beautifully crafted with motifs, tilla and thread work.

Use of Shagun Rumal

Now, you might be wondering about the need to buy Shagun Rumal for a Punjabi wedding.

  • These rumals are used to collect shagun in the form of cash which is given by the relatives and friends of the couple. It is symbolized as a blessing to the couple for their prosperous married life.
  • There are many ceremonies associated with a Punjabi wedding and for each ceremony, its tradition is to bless the bride and the groom with some cash. It could be roka, engagement or the wedding day. These Rumals make it easy to collect this money and later can be handily stored too.
  • Shagun Rumals online are generally bought in pairs, one for the bride and one for the groom. The couple sits together on the stage with matching rumals on their lap. The relatives and friends take turns to bless the couple and get a photograph with them.
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