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Punjabi Traditional Accessories Must-Haves for your Wardrobe

Hey, lovelies! Here are some questions- Are you a frequent guest at Punjabi weddings and parties? Do you love the Punjabi culture and have a taste for accessories worn in Punjabi culture? Are you fashion enthusiastic and want to have a good collection of Punjabi Accessories? To all these questions we are providing you with a list of accessories that have significance in Punjabi Tradition. You must own them if you are one of the above-mentioned people. Every Punjabi wishes to look perfect when attending a Punjabi function or party.  Add on these accessories to your wardrobe and you never lack in your fashion quotient and will look perfectly 'Desi' yet incredible. 6 Punjabi Traditional items you must own Pranda...

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Buy Latest Choora Boxes to Keep Your Choora Bangles

Being Punjabi, we all know the importance of chooda on our wedding day. We look for the best one which matches our wedding dress and also with Bridal Jewelry. We are ready to spend a fortune on our Bridal Chooda as it has an emotional quotient related to our special day. But what about the protection and care of your beautiful and expensive chooda? Choodas are not as simple as it was earlier. Nowadays, many precious metals, stones and pearls are used to make them more gorgeous. This needs care and protection from various factors which could damage them. For this, we need a Chooda Box. As the name suggests, it is a box which is used to keep your...

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Colours to Choose for Bridal Chooda other than RED

Every girl falls for a beautiful Chooda. It has to be graceful and must add charm to the bridal outfit. After all, D-day is important for everyone. Gone are the days, when our mother and grandmother only had an option of red and white dotted bangles in the chooda. Now in this modern era, there are huge options when it comes to the latest Chooda colour other than red. Wedding Choodas are reinvented by brides these days, and there are so many different options out there! Just check it out. Buy Unique Bridal Chudas Online Buy Pinks & Peaches Chooda Girls have already invented numerous names for different shades of Pink such as hot pink, dark pink, baby pink, powdered-pink...

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Different Styles of Rings You Must Own

Do you know women are more obsessed with their hands as compared to men? Well, we women need a perfect manicure and beautiful nails to make our hands look more presentable. One more thing which we like to do is to accessories our hands to enhance their charm. Without any doubt, rings look gorgeous and essential jewellery which is worn by both men and women for ages. There are a lot of choices when it comes to wearing rings to our fingers. A thin band of metal studded with stones and diamonds looks perfect on every occasion. Women’s jewellery is incomplete with a good collection of rings. Although, the ring is a small jewellery piece and there are so many...

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5 Reasons to Own Artificial Jewellery

Who doesn't like jewellery? Well, every woman carves beautiful jewel pieces; whether it's a wedding or a festival, we all want to own an unique look and also don't want to repeat that look ever again as it is considered as a serious fashion faux pas. However, it always costs a fortune to purchase new jewellery, so what's the solution? Here comes the fashion rescue, "Artificial jewellery". There is a misconception that artificial jewellery is not graceful or elegant compared to the real one. But as new techniques are emerging worldwide and good quality materials are being used; artificial jewellery is as classy as real ones. There are a lot of reasons to have a wide collection of artificial Punjabi...

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