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Teeyan 2021 Celebration in Canada

Teeyan - a Punjabi Festival which is celebrated all over the world wherever Punjabis reside. Women celebrate this festival by wearing beautiful Punjabi suits and traditional Punjabi jewelry with lots of fun and laughter. It is a religious and ominous festival for women, where married and young unmarried women assemble jointly to celebrate the beginning of the rainy season.   Teeyan Da Mela 2021 Canada Canada is always loved by Punjabis and the first place to live. It is one of the countries where the population of Punjabis from India is very high. All the Punjabis residing in Canada are really connected to their culture’s roots and celebrate each Indian festival with great passion. Teeyan da Mela is very popular...

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Teeyan - A Punjabi Festival of Happiness and Fun

Teeyan is the name of the Punjabi festival celebrated by the women of Punjab with great enthusiasm. Nowadays, this festival is not only celebrated in Punjab but every part of the world wherever Punjabi's reside, especially in Canada. It is a festival of happiness and enjoyment. In Canada ladies look for the Teeyan da Mela, gather there and celebrate their traditional Punjabi festival. Well, keep reading, if you are curious enough to know more about this amazing festival, and where Teeyan da Mela is going to celebrate in Canada. Before that let’s have a look about this festival. Why is Teeyan or Teej Festival celebrated? Teeyan in Punjab is a seasonal festival which is dedicated to the onset of the...

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5 Trendy Indian Jewelry Set You Must Own

Indian jewelry comes in a vast variety and different styles. There are a lot of jewelry designs that we all want to own and have in our wardrobe but having a complete collection of Indian jewelry with real stones is a very expensive affair. We all know about Polki Jewelry and Kundan Jewelry, both are evergreen women's accessories and have been in our wardrobe for a long time. So, here we are going to talk about the jewelry sets which are not so talked about but are very pretty and classy to be owned by you. Buy Stylish Imitation Indian Jewelry Online Women love jewelry and can never be fully loaded with them. Some can afford to buy real jewels...

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Buy Different Styles of Bali Earrings Online

Earings play an important role to give you a stylish look. Bali or Vaali earrings are popular traditional earrings of India. These earrings are still in trend right now and are cherished by women of all ages. They are versatile which goes well on ethnic as well as western outfits. As nowadays the latest collection of Balis has taken an irreplaceable place in the women closest. Women love to wear them on special occasions as well in routine. These are available in a variety of designs that we are going to discuss here in this blog. Check out which Vaali varied sizes and shapes make you look great. Popular Bali Earrings Designs and Styles that You Must Know There are...

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Buy Jewelry and Dupattas with Mirror Work

Mirror work also known as Sheesha work which is amazing artwork. It is attached to small pieces of mirrors or reflective metal to fabrics or jewelry pieces. Mirror work is common throughout India. It is indulged in fashion in many ways. There is something very classic and vintage about this work. It has a beautiful heirloom quality to it as it is passed through generations. History of Mirror or Sheesha Work in India Sheesha’s work originated in the 17th century in India. People in the poorer classes imitated the jeweled garments and jewelry of the wealthy by decorating fabric with silver beetles' wings. Then a process for manufacturing tiny mirror discs was developed during the Mughal Empire, these tiny mirrors...

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