Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you taking in person appointments?

A: We are operating online only due to Covid-19. We're sorry we're not accepting in person appointments at the moment.

Q: What are the Payment Options?

A: Visa, MasterCard, Paypal, Interac eTransfer (Canada), Apple Pay, Google Pay, Facebook Pay, Shop Pay. Get in Touch if you want to pay in a different mode.

Q: Are you still accepting orders during COVID-19 crisis?

A: Yes, we still deliver globally free of charge in these strange times. We also offer Curb-side pickup from our location if thats what you prefer.

We however, no longer offer in person appointment in order to reduce the risk of Caronavirus.

Q: How are we protecting our customers from Coronavirus?

A: We're taking utmost care for you to be Confident to Order. See below how.

1. We're practicing extreme social distancing measures.

2. Not being in contact with absolutely any outsider.

3. Shopping Online, even doing grocery shopping online and not going to store at all, for any reason.

4. Sanitizing and Hand Washing multiple times during the day.

5. At the post office, we don't step inside but just drop it off at the outside post box.

6. After handling the jewelry, we make sure we sanitize every nook and corner of every piece.

Q: What can you do to protect yourself from getting infected?

A: In spite of all the efforts we take in house, you can still take measures to extra protect yourself. Here's how.

1. Coronavirus can survive 3-4 days on metal and plastic. While on paper, cardboard and clothing, it can survive for 1 day.

2. When you receive the package, let it sit at a safe place for at least 1 day in case it gets infected during transit and handling by post office staff. Your actual collections should be safe as it takes at least a day or two (if not more) in transit. Before shipping, we also take extra precautions while handling.

Q: Do you offer FREE SHIPPING and what are the shipping guidelines?

A: Yes, we offer FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. In fact, we have dedicated an entire section to answer your questions about Shipping. Click here to visit our dedicated Shipping page.

Q: What is your Returns Policy?

A: Visit our Returns Policy page for details.

Q: Will there be any Foreign Transaction Fee on my Credit Card?

A: No. That is the beauty of ordering from Amazel Designs. We are a global company and we understand our customers' expectations. As long as your credit card is in the same currency you are buying, you would not be charged Foreign Transaction Fee.

Let's take an example.

You have a US credit card and you are buying in US dollars, there will be no Foreign Transaction Fee.

If you have a US credit card and you are buying in Canadian Dollars, you will be charged Foreign Transaction Fee.

Q: How do you package the jewellery?

A: We take utmost pride in delivering quality service to your customers. We use high quality boxes and packaging material. We know jewellery is so special for you and our packaging reflects that. We also make sure that the items are not damaged during transit. 

Q: Do you offer Gift Cards?

A: Yes, we do offer the option of purchasing online gift cards. Check any of our collection pages to access them. 

Q: When can I expect my order to be delivered?

A: Visit our Shipping page for more details.