What is the Importance of Wedding Gana in Punjabi Weddings?

What is the Importance of Wedding Gana in Punjabi Weddings?

You must have heard about tying wedding Gana to the groom and the bride before their wedding day. But did you know about its significance in a Punjabi wedding? Well if not, we will update your knowledge regarding this unique tradition in this blog. So stay with us!

Wedding Gana is a sacred Moli thread usually in red and yellow color embellished with beads and other different elements. A Gana symbolizes deep love and solidarity between bride and groom. There is a special Gana ceremony in Punjabi weddings when both bride and groom tie wedding Gana. We will talk about this ceremony too but first, let us know about the elements which make a perfect wedding Gana.

Why is a Wedding Gana important?

Wedding Gana consists of elements like beads and pearls, ghungroos, pieces of iron, pieces of wood, pouches of sugar and small shells. These components are considered to protect a person from evil eyes. Hence, both bride and groom wear this Gana as a shield from inflicting harm from some bad people. This is the main purpose of a wedding Gana but other than that it symbolizes love and affection.

All the guests who are attending the wedding also wear Gana but this thread is simple as compared to the wedding Gana of bride and groom. They consist of beads and metal bells, which gives joyful wedding vibes to the guests. They tie these Ganas to show their support and blessings.

What is the Gana Ceremony?

There are different rituals and customs while tying Gana to the groom and bride.

  • The bride's Gana ceremony takes place just after her Chooda ritual. Maternal uncle (Mama) ties wedding Gana on the right hand of the bride. The knot of the Gana is tied in such a way that it becomes difficult to untie it. As there is another ritual regarding untying this wedding thread which takes place a day after the wedding. In some areas, the friends of the bride tie the Gana.
  • The groom's Gana ceremony takes place after the haldi or Mayian ceremony, the groom takes a bath and gets ready for this ceremony. Here also, the maternal uncle ties the wedding Gana to the groom but on the right foot. After that, he gives some gifts or Shagun to the groom.

A day after a wedding, there are certain fun rituals which are performed like Kangna and Gana untying. First, the bride unties the groom's Gana and then the groom takes a turn. Whoever takes less time to untie, wins this contest. After that, some people save these Ganas for a lifetime and others throw in flowing water.

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