Get Yourself Ready for Teeyan 2022 in Canada and USA

Get Yourself Ready for Teeyan 2022 in Canada and USA

'Saun Mahina' is here! It's the month of love, devotion and happiness. In India, it marks the arrival of the monsoon to give relief from the blistering heat. Indians in any part of the world consider this month auspicious and perform certain rituals to celebrate it. 

One of the main highlights of this month is Teej or Tiyaan! This is the festival celebrated mainly by the women of the Punjab and neighboring states of India. As you can find Punjabis in every part of the world, it is celebrated with full enthusiasm in Canada and USA. If you are residing in these countries and looking for the Teeyan festivities, this blog is for you!

If you are interested in knowing more about the Teeyan festival and how it is celebrated. Read it here!

Everything you need to have for the perfect Teej Celebration 

Residing out of your native country can be overwhelming while celebrating traditional festivals. Earlier it was very difficult for NRIs to get all the traditional stuff in countries like Canada and USA. But with the blessing of the Internet and shipping service, everything is just a click away. 

Teeyan da Mela in Canada is one of the best celebrations of Teej outside of India. Here is a list of items you must have to rock during these Teeyan celebrations.

Lavising Punjabi Suits

A Punjabi suit is one of the most gorgeous and elegant pieces of clothing. Punjabi women love to wear suits, especially for traditional events. It just gives a pleasant vibe and makes you look very pretty. Getting Punjabi suits online is very easy these days. Just shop it from a genuine online store so you don't compromise on stuff and quality.

Gorgeous Phulkaris

Another popular thing in Punjabi culture is Phulkari Dupattas. It is an instant way to get a Punjabi Traditional look. A Phulkari on a woman's head looks like a shiny crown. With lots of Thread embroidery and stone work, this dupatta is a must-have for the celebration. For Punjabis in Canada and USA, you can buy Amazing Phulkaris Online. 

Traditional Punjabi Jewelry

The next thing is Jewelry, not the ordinary but the Punjabi traditional Jewelry. Maang Tikka, Peepal Patti earrings, Rani Haar, Sagi Phul and a lot more just look divine when worn by Punjabi women. If we talk about Punjabi men, Kaintha and nNatiyan are some men's traditional Punjabi jewelry. Invest in good-quality imitation jewelry so that it looks graceful.

Heavy Paranda

Pranda- a Punjabi Hair Accessory that goes very well with Punjabi suits and jewelry. A long braid hanging on the back with a paranda makes the most sensual Punjabi women's attire. There are a lot of fancy varieties of Parandas available online, you can choose the one which goes perfect with your outfit or the event you are going to on this Teej.

Chiming Panjeeba

Punjabi traditional dances like Gidha, and Bhangra are one of the best parts of Teeyan. Dancing without Panjeba doesn't sound right! The Chum-Chum sound of Panjeeb creates a different vibe. Wear Panjeeb with your Salwar Suits, Plazo, Sharara Suits and of course Punjabi Jutti. You can get them in different styles, sizes and patterns. Search our online stores to get a perfect pair.

These are only some of the accessories you need to have at this Teeyan festival. If you are looking for a one-stop for all your needs then - the Amazel Designs Online store is perfect! We have a huge variety of Punjabi Traditional Jewelry. We have amazing offers for our customers in Canada and the USA. Now you don't have to compromise on quality and variety by living outside Punjab. Do shop with us and share your experience.