Teeyan - A Punjabi Festival of Happiness and Fun

Teeyan - A Punjabi Festival of Happiness and Fun

Teeyan - A Punjabi Festival of Happiness and Fun

Teeyan is the name of the Punjabi festival celebrated by the women of Punjab with great enthusiasm. Nowadays, this festival is not only celebrated in Punjab but every part of the world wherever Punjabi's reside, especially in Canada. It is a festival of happiness and enjoyment. In Canada ladies look for the Teeyan da Mela, gather there and celebrate their traditional Punjabi festival.

Well, keep reading, if you are curious enough to know more about this amazing festival, and where Teeyan da Mela is going to celebrate in Canada. Before that let’s have a look about this festival.

Why is Teeyan or Teej Festival celebrated?

Teeyan in Punjab is a seasonal festival which is dedicated to the onset of the monsoon. The festival is celebrated by all Punjabi women of all faiths by wearing new Punjabi suits with traditional Punjabi jewellery for Teeyan. It is celebrated in the Punjabi month Saun or Sawan, which means monsoon. Starts from the 3rd lunar day of the month till the full moon.

What are the Main Features of Teeyan Celebration?

There are some traditions and rituals associated with the Teej celebration in Punjab. Here we are going to talk about them briefly-

  • Women start too early to get their new suits stitched and shop for new traditional jewelry etc and get everything ready for the celebration.
  • Married daughters come to their parent's house for the celebration. In the past, it was tradition for women to spend the whole Sawan month at their parent's house.
  • Girls and women gather around some parks or neighborhoods with greenery and put swings on the trees, where they dance, laugh and sing many traditional Punjabi dances that is Gidha Boliyan. It is the perfect way to forget all the worries and difficulties of life and spend quality time with their friends.
  • If a woman doesn't go to her parent's house, her brothers still take a gift set to her sister which is known as 'Sandhara'. Sandara includes gift items like suits, traditional phulkari, Peepe Wale Biscuits (homemade biscuits), Ladoo, bangles, mehndi and a swing and these used to be then distributed in the village. This tradition is still in practice at various places in Punjab and outside places.

Teeyan Celebration by the Punjabis in Canada & Outside Punjab

Punjabis never miss a celebration or festival, doesn't matter where they are. Teeyan festival is celebrated at a grand level by Punjabis in foreign countries too.

In Canada, "Teeyan Da Mela" is a complete event for the ladies. It is generally celebrated in the parks. Selecting what to wear to deciding where to go to attend Teeyan da Mela and searching out the ticket price to attend the event are some of the exciting things during this seasonal festival. Some exciting features of these event celebrations-

  • Ladies get all dolled up with beautiful suits, traditional Punjabi jewelry, Juttis and Phulkaris. Everyone is seen in traditional dresses, which feel like a mini Punjab.
  • Women go in groups to these events, where they can enjoy various stalls for different items which creates a scene of a Punjabi fair. Stalls for food, clothes, makeup, etc are set up for some shopping experiences too.
  • Well, known and reputed Punjabi singers are called to perform at these events to make them more fun and enjoyable. Pop, Suffi, Folk, every pick is different for every year. These live stage events are one of the best features of these "Melas".
  • Ladies enjoy different swings and perform Gidha with lovely Boliyan. They dance and enjoy every moment of these events. For a moment it feels like they are in Punjab and everything feels dreamy.
  • Some ladies do receive Teeyan gifts from their parents sent overseas, and some simply shop for themselves. Generally, it is sweet or beautiful jewelry. In any way, this festival gives a break from the monotonous life and is the best way to feel connected to the roots.
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