Teeyan 2021 Celebration in Canada

Teeyan 2021 Celebration in Canada

Teeyan 2021 Celebration in Canada

Teeyan - a Punjabi Festival which is celebrated all over the world wherever Punjabis reside. Women celebrate this festival by wearing beautiful Punjabi suits and traditional Punjabi jewelry with lots of fun and laughter. It is a religious and ominous festival for women, where married and young unmarried women assemble jointly to celebrate the beginning of the rainy season.


Teeyan Da Mela 2021 Canada

Canada is always loved by Punjabis and the first place to live. It is one of the countries where the population of Punjabis from India is very high. All the Punjabis residing in Canada are really connected to their culture’s roots and celebrate each Indian festival with great passion.

  • Teeyan da Mela is very popular among Punjabi ladies and is one of the famous festivals celebrated in Canada by Punjabis. Every year, Teeyan da Mela is organized by the Punjabi community in which different sets of events take place.
  • Cities like Brampton and Surrey of Canada, where Punjab's population is more, select a place like a hall or a park to gather around and give a feel of an Indian fair full of stalls and swings. Women enjoy Peeng (swing) which takes them back to the memories of their parents' house. The motive is to enjoy and celebrate the festival. In addition, to showcase their rich culture to the whole world.
  • Live performances by well-known Punjabi artists with lots of Gidha, bhangra and live DJ can also be enjoyed at these events for which the ticketing system is done to avoid any hassle. Moreover, it helps to raise the money for the event.
  • Women buy the latest traditional Phulkaris and Dupattas for this day and with all those ethnic dresses it feels like we are in Punjab. The gatherings of huge crowds around the stalls of Mehndi (Henna), bangles, makeup and Indian dresses can be seen.
  • Various dance performances are done by local girls like Gidha, Bhangra and even small skits. Other events like Mehndi competition are also arranged for the young girls which help to incorporate cultural beliefs in the young generation of Canadian Punjabis.

Although, due to the spread of CoronaVirus, these events are now done at a much smaller scale to avoid large gatherings. But hopefully, in the coming years, we may again enjoy such gatherings in Canada with the same enthusiasm.

Still, you can have small gatherings near your neighborhood and parks to enjoy this festival by wearing beautiful clothes and wonderful jewelry pieces. You can buy all kinds of Punjabi traditional accessories from us online with free delivery worldwide. Here are some currently most loved jewelry pieces by the Punjabi women in Canada. Have a look!

Buy Latest Teeyan Jewelry in Canada Online

We are mentioning some of our loved jewelry pieces which you can buy from us to add a statement to your style at this Teej festival.

Get Dazzling American Diamond Jewelry Online

Diamonds are never out of style, same with the AD jewelry. They are in trend and are currently loved by the women in Canada. They are the perfect pick for the DJ nights at the Teeja events. Those sparkly earrings with a matching necklace will definitely raise your style quotient. 

Buy Jhanjran or Panjeeb for Gidha Events

Payal is a must-have piece of jewelry for the Teeyan celebration. All other dances like Gidha, bhangra are incomplete without a pair of designer Panjeb. There are lots of options to choose from like Polki, Kundan, AD, or simple Ghungroo Payals. Choose according to your taste and preference.

Balis or Vaaliyan with Jhumki

Vaaliyan is another loved piece by women. It gives you a typical Punjaban look which is perfect for the Teeyan events. Balis with Jhumki at the bottom looks beautiful and is very much in trend these days.

Colorful Bangles for Teeyan

Bangles are also another very important component of Punjabi traditional attire. These bangles add a charm to your overall look. You can get them in any pattern of color which goes well with your attire. Bangles also get some extra hype during the festive season.

Besides these items, you can also buy any jewelry from our website Amazel Design at the convenience of your home. We are based in Brampton but ship all over Canada with no charges. Worldwide shipping that is also free is also available if you live out of Canada or want to send a gift to your loved one out of the country. 

Again, wherever you are, celebrate this amazing festival with your loved ones and get a break from your busy life. Participate in the events that are happening near you even in this pandemic. Or plan something yourself and invite your family and friends to celebrate Teeyan. Be safe and healthy.