Tips to Coordinate Jewelry with Your Outfit

Tips to Coordinate Jewelry with Your Outfit

Sometimes it is very hectic to pick your outfit and then match the perfect jewelry to go with it. Having too many choices can make your dressing dreadful. Women spend a lot of time in their closets choosing what to wear. But why is it so important? A wrong jewelry piece paired with an outfit can ruin your look completely. You need to pair something which compliments each other well. 

In this blog, we are giving you a few tips to coordinate jewelry to get the maximum out of your dressing.

Loud Outfit, Simple Jewelry

If you choose a dress with loud detailing and busy prints, then it is safe to go for simple and elegant jewelry like pearl earrings, gem studs, Chokers etc. Try to wear solid colors and stay away from multi shades of gems and stones. 

Also, if the material or the fabric of your outfit is thick and stitched with ruffles, still choose to wear simple jewelry and keep the focus on your dress rather than the jewelry.

Match the occasion

Matching your jewelry with the occasion is very much important. You don't want to be over-accessorized or under-accessorized for an occasion. Daytime jewelry cannot be worn for night parties and vice versa. Make sure you consider where you are going and what you'll be doing. Believe it or not, there is always perfect jewelry for every occasion. You just need to find out in your collection which suits the occasion best.

Highlight Your Face

The first thing a person notices while talking to you is your face. Make sure you highlight your face properly with jewelry. One of the best ways is to add statement earrings to brighten up your face. Even if your dress is not on point, the right pair of earrings can make your face the star of the show. Do consider your face shape while choosing statement earrings and bring out the facial differences which make you unique. 

Jewelry According To Skin Tone

Skin tone plays an important role when choosing your jewelry. For cooler skin tones, try to wear silver-colored jewelry and for warm tones go for gold-colored jewelry. 

Cooler skin tones go well with gems that are red, purple and blue embedded in white gold or silver metal. 

Warmer skin tones pair nicely with yellow, orange and green stones embedded in yellow gold. 

Diamonds are your Best Friend

When in doubt, go with diamonds, you cannot go wrong with them. It goes with everything. This is the reason they have been such popular gems for a long time now. 

White Diamonds act as prisms under the light, giving out different shades and colors according to your outfit and skin tone. Try American Diamonds Jewelry for a more affordable range. They look just like diamonds and diamonds also make you save many bucks.

You need a lot of knowledge and insight to coordinate your jewelry like a pro. But these tips can help you a lot while choosing jewelry for a perfect look. If you need exquisite traditional jewelry, then you must visit our online store Amazel Designs. We have perfect jewelry and accessories to match every outfit and occasion.