How to Select Earrings Online According to Your Face Shape

How to Select Earrings Online According to Your Face Shape

Have you ever thought about the shape of your face while buying earrings? Do you know which shape suits you best? Or do you even know the shape of your face? 

So many questions. Right! We'll answer them all one by one. 

Earrings are the only piece of jewellery that brighten up your look instantly. It is very important to pick the right ones for you according to the shape of your face. But for that, you need to understand or know about your face shape. The major face shapes are -
  • Round 
  • Oval
  • Square 
  • Heart 
  • Long Face

First, understand your shape and then accordingly choose the earrings.

Buy Earrings Online for Round Face

If it is close to the same length from the tip of your nose to all sides, you have a beautiful round face.

Now, you need to add some length to your face so the earrings you can wear are long drop earrings or Chandelier earrings which go very well with a round face. You must avoid wearing disc or round earrings as it will make your face look more rounder.

Choose Best Earrings for Oval-shaped Face

A slightly wide forehead as compared to a chin indicates an oval face. A well-rounded jawline is its uniqueness.

Feel blessed to have an oval face. Almost all types of earrings look good in an oval shape. If you want to make a statement, wear Jhumki earrings or teardrop-shaped earrings. It will complement your face shape.

Which Earrings Look Good on a Heart-shaped Face?

In this particular shape, you have a pointed or narrow chin and your forehead is broader than your jawline.

We need to add some width around the chin area, so Buy Dangling earrings Online that are round at the bottom. It smoothens the curves around the chin area. Avoid wearing slim drop earrings as they will draw attention to your chin.

Buy Earrings Online for Square Shaped Face

If the width of your forehead and jawline is similar then you have a square-shaped face. Another feature is that you have an almost flat chin.

Large hoop earrings, Balis, Oversized Jhumkis, all give shape to the square face and balance the angles. You need to avoid stud earrings, especially which are square-shaped.

How to Buy Earrings for Diamond-shaped Face Online?

It comprises a long and narrow jawline. The width of the forehead of this face is less as compared to the width of cheekbones. Cheekbones are the widest part of the face in diamond-shaped faces.

To even out the face, one should wear long tassels or wide chandelier earrings. It even out the shape of the face and make it look more presentable.

Buy Perfect Jewelry Piece for Ear Matched with Long Face

The width of the face is narrow, cheeks and sides are straight along with a pointy chin. A prominent feature of this face is the width of the forehead.

You can wear Baalis and small danglers to give shape to your face. Large hoops will also make your face look fuller. Clustered earrings that have some round stones or pearls on them, will also do the deal.


It doesn't matter which shape you have, what matters is how you style it. These are only some tips you can follow. Another thing that plays a key role is that you should always feel good and comfortable whatever you wear. To Buy Indian jewellery in Brampton and to have worldwide shipping do follow Amazel designs. They have a large collection of earrings, choose whichever suits you best. Click here to check out the whole collection of trendy earrings.