Valentine Week - A Guide to Valentine’s Day

Valentine Week - A Guide to Valentine’s Day

Well, this blog has all the information that you need for Valentine Week 2022 and of-course Valentine Day too.

As globalization is happening across the world, people are celebrating all the festivals and special days with enthusiasm. Christmas, Diwali, New Year, and then Valentine's Day. Valentine is an annual day that is celebrated worldwide with true fellowship, appreciation. Actually, the lovers of this special day not just commemorate this day but celebrate the whole week from 7th February to 14th February.

In this blog we are going to mention all the important days celebrated from 7th February to  14th February; that is Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day, and the most special one Valentine Day. We also help you to find the best gift through this blog. Let’s start with the history of this day.

History of Valentine’s Day

The name of this day came into existence after a Catholic priest Saint Valentine of Rome in the 3rd Century. Many stories and tales are developed till then but 200  years back St. Valentine's Day was declared on February 14. By this time, Rome was declared as Christian and Catholic was the new norm from that time. The Pope abolished the festival where pagan fertility rites were performed and on the Catholic Calendar the 14th February was declared as St. Valentine's Day. The feast day is the best

How Valentine’s Day is Celebrated Today?

Well, Valentine's day is celebrated all over the world by young and adults. The day is celebrated to share affection among loved ones rather than just sharing a romantic day between couples.

Many couples participate in various valentine day gifts exchanging acts and parties. With loving letters to their loved ones, cards with meaningful messages, flowers, teddies, chocolates and many more.

On this very day, couples prefer to spend time together and clear their old grudges or misunderstandings. All these celebrations add a meaning to this special day.

Celebrating this day on the top of the mountain or at exotic places such as lakes or beaches has become a new norm to celebrate this day in a new way. Wedding proposals after reaching such a place make Valentine's day more sweet and unforgettable.

Valentine Week 2022 – 7th February to 14th February 

If we talk about love then it is a lifetime promise. Valentine’s day can strengthen this love bond. Infact, if someone wants to make the relationship stronger then one can celebrate Valentine's Day Week. Let’s get a brief information of all the days of Valentine Week. You can plan your week according to your feasibility.

7th February - Rose Day   

On this day, people give different colours of roses to their special ones. Red is to express Love, yellow rose is for friendship and white rose is for new beginning and many more.

8th February- Propose Day   

As the name suggests, people confess their true feelings and make the day memorable. Sometimes they give a special present such as a beautiful ring. You can also propose to your loving lady with traditional jewelry.

9th February- Chocolate Day

Who’s there who doesn't like chocolates. Everyone likes chocolates especially if someone gifts it to you on the special day. People give Valentine’s Chocolate Hampers along with some customized chocolates too.

10th February- Teddy Day

It is the day when you need to give a teddy to your beloved one. You can buy the fluffiest bear  or stuffy to celebrate Teddy Day for your loved one.

11th February- Promise Day

This is the day to promise with each other to have a life together full of love, trust, care, affection, and gifts. You can make the day more beautiful by giving surprising gifts.

12th February- Hug Day

This is the day that comes with the warmth of hugs. Welcoming a person in life and hugging them with complete heart.

13th February- Kiss Day

Make your relationship everlasting with a kiss on Kiss Day. Buy a Valentine gift online to make this day memorable.

14th February- Valentine’s Day

And the last day of the Valentine day is valentine day when you can cherish with your loved one full of cards, special messages or letters, a nice jewelry piece, and other Valentine’s gifts.

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