Tips and Tricks to Wear Bangles that don't Fit

Tips and Tricks to Wear Bangles that don't Fit

Women love to wear bangles. Traditional Bangle Jewelry gives more conventional and presentable looks; especially when you decide to wear something ethnic. Not only with traditional outfits, but it also looks amazing when paired with western dresses.

In today's online world, we tend to buy many things on the internet, the same goes for bangles. But what if your favorite pair of bangles which you ordered online doesn't fit you properly. Well, there is always an option to return it but here we are going to talk about something else!!!!

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In this blog, we are giving you some tips and tricks to wear your bangles that do not fit you appropriately.

How to Fit your Lose Bangles Properly?

Bangles sliding down to your hands look very odd. You are always worried about dropping it off somewhere and it ruins your overall look. So, what to do? The simple answer is not to wear them but with some smart tricks. Let’s unfold these amazing tips. 

  • Wear Long Sleeves Shirts

One of the simple tips is to wear a long sleeve shirt and then wear your loose bangles. More the thickness of the fabric, the tighter the fitting. You can choose the fabric according to your fit. 

  • Stack them Up

This is an excellent tip. Try stacking up your bangles. Add some perfect sized bangles in the front so that it doesn't slide down your hand. You can even sandwich them with tight fitted bracelets to restrict their movement around your arm.

  • Make it Cloth Bracelet

This is DIY.

  • Take your favorite loose bangle which you are not able to wear anymore. 
  • Take a thin and long strip of cloth about double the circumference of the bangle. You can get it in any color but prefer a thinner fabric.
  • Wrap it around the bangle as many times as you want according to the fit needed.
  • Make a beautiful knot at the end and your fabric bangle is ready.
  • You can even add beads to these bangles to make them more attractive.
  • Go to jeweller

Last but not the least, go to a jeweller to make your bangles. Going to a jeweller is only helpful if the bangle is made out of metal because other fragile materials cannot be altered. The jeweller can cut out some of its lengths and make it smaller. It is not a hard process.

How to Fit Tight Bangles?

There are different materials when we talk about bangles. Some materials are fragile like glass and clay and some can bear the shock. So, for the fragile material, it is not much advised to use much force but you can still give it a try at a comfortable level.

  • Use Lubrication

The best option is to use lubrication. It could be soap, cream, moisturizer or any oil. Just rub it on your wrist and hand. Slowly, try to push the bangle in while squeezing your hand. Lubrication will make it easy to slide the bangle into your wrist. 

  • Plastic Bag Trick

For this, you need a plastic bag. Wrap it around your hand till your wrist. Slide your bangle gently towards your wrist. Fold your hand and squeeze your thumb until it touches your pinky finger. This trick works great for wide hands. This will make your hand as narrow as possible which will further help to slide down the bangle easily. 

Remove the plastic bag and it's done.

  • Go to Jeweller 

If your bangle is made up of metal then you can get it altered from the jeweler. They have special tools which could increase the size of the metal bangle to a few mm very easily. Although bangles made up of other materials like glass and clay can not be altered..

Hope you got the answer of how to fix a loose bangle.

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