Style Your Jewelry According to Your Age

Style Your Jewelry According to Your Age

Aging is a beautiful process or life! It reflects our experiences and knowledge which we get through all those years. Many things change with age or we can say with time. And one of them is your Style and the way we present ourselves. It is very essential though. It goes with clothing as well as with Jewellery.

Ornaments illustrate the entire look and hence form the main part of any styling. Therefore, deeming that jewelry has many styles according to the stage in which the woman is, some are aimed at girls or adolescents, others at girls a little older, and others at mature women.

Suitable Jewelry Styles For Women of Different Age Groups

Although there are no hard and fast rules for styling a particular type of jewelry at some specific age. It is all just a preference as a woman matures and hauls a certain personality with her. Let's now see different age groups and their styling preferences.

Jewelry Preferences for Kids and Teenagers

  • We love to style our kids with little jewellery pieces. There are cute pieces available online for kids to add first jewellery pieces to their wardrobe. 
  • Try to add jewelry that is simple and comfortable for your child.
  • Anklets, single-lined necklaces, stud earrings, and small rings are good options for teenage girls. They grow so fast in this period and also start to attain their unique style too. So, start adding beautiful pieces to their wardrobe.
  • Kids Jewelry should always be hassle-free and easy to manage. Go for imitation jewelry because kids are likely to lose them.

Choose Jewellery for Pretty Twenties

  • The twenties are the most transforming age for a woman and also the age to go with the trends. This is the age of experimenting with different styles and choosing the one which works for you better. 
  • You can go bold with different Jewelry choices and can opt for the box style. Never afraid to try different Jewelry pieces, try a fusion of various styles and create your unique style. 
  • In the 20s, the jewelry suitable to wear became a fashion trend. Girls love inflated artificial accessories, simulating accessories that exaggerate their overall looks.  One-piece or two-piece set jewellery, and new stylish jewellery with epoch colour are some of the favorite choices of young women.
  • Heavy necklaces, dazzling earrings, beautiful anklets, bold rings everything is just for you. Start collecting smart pieces at this age and go wild with them.

Jewellery Tips for Women in 30s and 40s

  • Women in this age like ripe strawberries in maturity and appeal. At this age, we have grown to know how to make the best out of our natural merits. The most charming is our confident style and sexy dignity that can be embraced with some classic jewellery.
  • Mostly, we gain our unique style till this age and search for some suitable Jewel pieces which incorporate with our style. Kundan Indian Jewellery, Polki Jewellery styles, classic Pearl jewelry are greatly loved by women in this age group.
  • Don't go too harsh with trends, focus more on what suits you the best. Although we should not stop experimenting, keep your style in mind while doing so.

Over 50s Women Jewellery Styling 

  • It’s an unfortunate reality of aging that the skin and collagen will start to droop, so choose lighter and simple Jewellery. Don't try hard to incorporate jewelry pieces that contain heavy stones and metals.
  • Buy lighter earrings because heavy earrings stress our earlobes and can stretch them. Consider choosing sparkling earrings in colorful hues that draw out the color in our eyes. This will help us appear more youthful and energetic.
  • The best option for this age group is lightweight jewelry like American Diamonds

Styling yourself according to your age plays a very important part in looking a few years younger. These are the suggestions to you so that you choose the jewels for splendid looks, although we also assert that everything depends on the attitude and how you look. Amazing jewellery for every age group of women is available online at AMAZEL DESIGNS. They have an excellent collection of traditional and Punjabi jewelry with free worldwide shipping.