Punjabi Traditional Jewellery and its Modernization

Punjabi Traditional Jewellery and its Modernization

Punjab has always been known for its rich culture and traditions. It doesn't matter where they go or get settled, you can always feel the essence of their roots. They love to enjoy their lives whether it's their food habits, parties or their dress sense. They seem to have distinguished taste in all of them.

Jewelry has always been an indispensable part of Punjabi culture for both men and women.

It is always considered a sign of wealth and prosperity. The variety of ornaments used by Punjabi's is endless and every piece has a cultural and religious relevance attached to it. Let's have a look at some of the main Traditional Jewelry worn by men and women of Punjab.

Head or Forehead Ornaments and Jewelry

Many ornaments are worn on the head/ forehead by women of Punjab.

  • Maang Tikka is worn on the head and has a beautiful pendant hanging on the forehead. 
  • Another is chaunk or Phul, it is a round ornament that is worn on the forehead. 
  • Damini is the head ornament worn on the side of the head by women of Punjab. 
  • The most famous one is the Jhumer, a vessel-shaped pendant.

Punjabi men also have large options for head ornaments or we can say turban jewels.

  • Traditionally there are Sarpesh and Kutbiladar to wear on the front of the turban.
  • Whereas, Kalgi and Sehra are worn during weddings by the Punjabi groom. 

Punjabi Traditional Earrings for Men and Women

Traditional Punjabi Jewelry also includes earrings for both men and women. Punjabi women wear large ring-shaped earrings with pearls on the sides known as Bali or Vaaliya and smaller-shaped earrings are known as Murki. Another female traditional ear jewelry is Khalli, Mach Machlian etc.

Men also wear earrings known as Bala which is the same as Bali of women and the smaller-shaped earrings known as Nathiya.

Necklaces for Punjabi Men and Women

If we talk about Necklaces both women and men wear them especially on occasions like Weddings. For Punjabi men, Mala is the most common necklace worn at weddings or  functions. Another one is the Kaintha, which is the Best Traditional Jewelry for Men.

Women's necklace includes the Chandan Haar, Champakalli (which has a metal or stone pendant). Guluband, Mohran are also beautiful necklaces worn by Punjabi women.

Modernization of Traditional Punjabi Jewelry

With time and Western influence, many of these traditional ornaments and jewelry have eloped. But still, there are many Punjabi Traditional Jewelry items which are worn by people on special occasions like Weddings or cultural events, not only in Punjab but foreign countries like- Canada, USA, Australia too. These items do have some modern touch but still maintain their authenticity.

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