Punjabi Traditional Accessories Must-Haves for your Wardrobe

Punjabi Traditional Accessories Must-Haves for your Wardrobe

Hey, lovelies! Here are some questions-

  • Are you a frequent guest at Punjabi weddings and parties?
  • Do you love the Punjabi culture and have a taste for accessories worn in Punjabi culture?
  • Are you fashion enthusiastic and want to have a good collection of Punjabi Accessories?

To all these questions we are providing you with a list of accessories that have significance in Punjabi Tradition. You must own them if you are one of the above-mentioned people. Every Punjabi wishes to look perfect when attending a Punjabi function or party.  Add on these accessories to your wardrobe and you never lack in your fashion quotient and will look perfectly 'Desi' yet incredible.

6 Punjabi Traditional items you must own

  • Pranda

    One of the most distinguished and traditional accessories from Punjab. It is a hair accessory that makes the braid look long and beautiful. Every Punjabi traditional dress must include Pranda or 'Prandi' in it. A 'Punjabi mutiyar' is incomplete without having a paranda in her wardrobe. Each Paranda has its uniqueness and is designed entirely relying on the occasion. They are known for their style and as an accessory, comes in vibrant colours and adds grace to your hair and your overall look.



    Kaintha is neck jewellery, worn mainly by men but nowadays is also very popular among women too. Kaintha includes big and small beads which hang lower and have a circular or heart-shaped pendant. It is especially worn during performing Punjabi folk dance- Bhangra. It is one of the oldest pieces of jewellery worn in ancient Punjab. You must own at least one piece of this jewellery and can add traditional essence to your wardrobe.   

    Saggi Phull                                    

    Saggi Phull is worn on the head by Punjabi women while performing Giddha, and other cultural functions with traditional dresses. An ornament named Saggi is a prominent head stud that supports the Punjabi Phulkari or dupatta or any other jewellery. When two additional Sagis are linked to the upper side they are known as Sagi Phul. 

    This beautiful ornament is a must-have for your Punjabi traditional jewellery collection. 

    Punjabi Jutti 

    Who doesn't know or like Punjabi Jutti? Most comfortable footwear ever known!! Handcrafted leather footwear is beaded and embroidered with silk threads. Looks phenomenal when worn with Punjabi traditional dresses. 

    It comes in various patterns and different types of embroideries. Punjabi Juttis have an outstanding blend of traditional and contemporary fashion styles and are also known for the latest fashion trend. 


    Panjeb or Payal is a well-known foot ornament worn by women of Punjab. It is not just limited to Punjab, maximum Indian culture includes Payal in their traditional wear. You can have them in various styles whether it is embedded with Kundan, pearls, stones or just simple Ghungroos. 

    In Punjabi culture, a traditional Panjeeb is made up of silver metal and includes 100 Ghungroos on each anklet. 

    You can buy Payal and add to your wardrobe according to your taste and style. Some like them to be heavy and some go for the lighter ones. In any shape or size, this ornament looks promising and adds a conventional touch to your attitude.


    Last but not least Punjabi Phulkari!

    A heavy dupatta embroidered with threads, Phulkari means floral work, the designs include not only flowers but also cover motifs and geometrical shapes. 

    A traditional dress is incomplete without a phulkari. All Punjabi wedding rituals include phulkari in one or another way. They are available in a wide range of colours and designs. Phulkari work was originally done on fabrics dyed in specifically four colours which are red, white, black and blue with each colour having its own importance.

    Nowadays you can get customized Phulkari in whichever colour, pattern and type of embroidery you like. 


    All above-mentioned items or accessories are a complete set of Punjabi traditional culture. Incorporate them in your dressing and you will never lack in expressing your love for Punjabi tradition. 

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