Punjabi Jewellery Essentials Every Bride Must Try

Punjabi Jewellery Essentials Every Bride Must Try

Today, girls love to wear Punjabi bridal outfits at their weddings. Regarding bridal jewelry, Punjabi brides are known for their exquisite taste and love for ornate pieces that add a touch of glamor to their wedding attire. 

Punjabi weddings celebrate culture and tradition, and the jewelry brides wear reflects the richness and luxury of their heritage. It is not to miss something or to wear everything you see about Punjabi jewelry online or at offline stores. If we talk about people living in America, people love to buy Punjabi jewelry in the USA. In this digital world, people love ordering traditional Indian jewelry online worldwide.  

In this blog, we will explore some essential Punjabi jewelry pieces every bride must try to complete her bridal look. You may choose as per your choice and matching outfits. Ready to get to know what Punjabi jewelry essentials favor you?  

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Raani Haar

Let us first decode the meaning of Ranni Haar - Ranni means Queen, and Haar stands for a necklace. The Raani Haar is a statement necklace that holds great significance in Punjabi weddings. It is a long necklace adorned with precious stones, pearls, or Kundan work. The Raani Haar adds a regal touch to the bride's ensemble and is often passed down as a family heirloom.


In the old times, Raani Haar was only worn by the queens or ruling kings. Over time, brides or women wear this exquisite piece at special functions. Raani haar is worn with traditional Punjabi outfits like lehengas or salwar kameez, making the bride look like a true queen.


Jhumkas are traditional Punjabi earrings. No Punjabi bride's look is complete without a pair of Jhumkas. Their bell-shaped design and intricate detailing characterize these conventional earrings. Jhumkas come in various sizes and styles, ranging from delicate and dainty to large and bold. They are often embellished with colorful gemstones, pearls, or Meenakari work, adding a vibrant touch to the overall bridal look. There's a massive rise in Jhumka sales online as brides love to wear them not on their wedding rituals or ceremonies but also on their D-day.


Matha Patti

The Matha Patti is a forehead ornament that adds a touch of elegance and grace to the Punjabi bride's ensemble. It consists of a chain with a central pendant or tikka that rests on the forehead, along with other chains or strands that adorn the sides of the head. Matha Pattis are often embellished with Kundan work, pearls, or intricate designs, and they beautifully frame the bride's face, adding a royal charm. Some brides prefer Tikka over Matha Patti.


Extra Tip - If you have a broad forehead, then Matha patti is a 'must' Punjabi jewelry essential for bridals.  

Chooda and Kalire

The Chooda and Kalire hold immense cultural and emotional significance in Punjabi weddings. The Chooda refers to a set of red and white bangles that are traditionally worn by the bride for a specific period after the wedding. Kalire are umbrella-shaped hangings attached to the Chooda. These metal embellishments are adorned with Ghungroos (small bells) and are said to bring good luck to the bride. The Chuda and Kaliree are beautiful bridal accessories for wedding day and symbolize marital bliss and fertility.\


The nath is a nose ring that adds a touch of femininity and charm to the Punjabi bride's look. It is usually a large hoop or ring with intricate designs and is often studded with precious stones or pearls. The nath is worn on one side of the nose and is attached to a chain that is hooked behind the ear. This beautiful piece of jewelry draws attention to the bride's face and accentuates her features, making her look radiant on her special day. A bridal Nath is a must for bridal if a woman chooses Indian attire for her wedding.


Saggi Phull 

Saggi Phull is worn on the head by the women. Though Saggi Phull was an essential Punjabi jewelry that was worn by every would-be-brides on D-day. However, it is considered as Bhangra jewelry nowadays. Some brides who want to have a 'Punjabi' vibe on their wedding prefer to wear a Saggi Phull on their head.


Punjabi bridal jewelry celebrates tradition, culture, and exquisite craftsmanship. From the majestic Raani Haar to the delicate nath, each traditional Punjabi jewelry piece adds charm and elegance to the bride's ensemble. These essential Punjabi jewelry pieces enhance the bridal look and hold deep cultural and emotional significance. By embracing these jewelry essentials, Punjabi brides can honor their heritage while looking resplendent on their wedding day. 

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