Pakistani Women's Favorite Traditional Jewelry

Pakistani Women's Favorite Traditional Jewelry

Pakistani women are famous for their charm, beauty and how they get dressed. We are highly obsessed with Pakistani bridal jewelry, the unique designs of this jewelry definitely grab your attention. Pakistani women's jewelry styles are inspired by traditional sub-continental patterns with endless possibilities. 

In this blog, we will talk about some favorite jewelry types which are loved by Pakistani women.

Jewelry Types Loved by Pakistani Women

We are giving you a list of trendy different jewelry types that are favorites among Pakistani women. Have a look!

American Diamond Jewelry 

Most loved jewelry by Pakistani Women is none other than sparkly American Diamonds. Yes, it has a lustrous appearance that attracts eyes and takes all the focus toward you. It could be earrings, maang tikka, beautiful necklace, every jewelry item looks phenomenal when it's made up of American Diamonds.

Sheesha Jewelry

Sheesha or mirror jewelry is one of the best jewelry types worn by Pakistani women. It is a graceful and elegant jewelry type made with pieces of mirrors. The reflection from these mirrors makes this jewelry unique and best to be worn with traditional Pakistani dresses.

Polki Jewelry

Polki stones are amazingly crafted in making Pakistani jewelry. These small stones of Polki make wonderful necklaces and Maang Tikka jewelry. Champagne Polki stones also look great when crafted in fine Pakistani Jewelry.

Oxidized Jewelry

Silvered coloured oxidized jewelry is another favorite one for Pakistani women. Bold oxidized jewelry pieces paired with Pakistani dresses. Added ribbons, stones and laces make this oxidized jewelry more beautiful. It makes excellent statement jewelry like necklaces and earrings.

Kundan Jewelry

Last but not least, is Kundan jewelry. It is the most royal piece of jewelry with uncut stones embedded in the metal. You can see long Haars, Kundan Bangles and earrings to pair with your traditional Pakistani outfits. Kundan Jewelry is an excellent choice for Pakistani Bridal Jewelry.

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