Nose Piercing - 5 Things to Do Before and After

Nose Piercing - 5 Things to Do Before and After

Back in the past, nose piercing was very popular in ancient times. Having a nose piercing was compulsory for married women in Asia. You must have seen it among elderly women. But now there is a huge craze for nose rings or nose pins among youngsters. Women look for trendy nose rings or nose pins with small stones.

Koka, Nose Pin, Nath, Nose ring are some of the famous words people often hear while talking about nose accessories.

One thing is quite evident; having a hole in the nose is a painful process. Some people have very sensitive skin while some are allergic to some kind of metal. So, all things should be kept in mind before going under the knife. 

If you want to have a nose piercing then you must read this blog as we have mentioned some of the important points that are worth reading.

Things To Do Before Nose Piercing

  • You must find some expert while getting a nose piercing. You can take the help of the Internet or even you can find the right expert by asking from your relative or friend. It is always better to go through the online reviews of the expert.
  • Try to maintain cleanliness around yourself whether it is your workplace or your house. Dust or smoke can increase the probability of getting an infection. And less hygienic may extend the healing of the piercing.
  • The intake of a proper diet is a key thing when it comes to healing a wound. Especially the consumption of a lot of water. The ultimate goal is to remove all the toxins from the body with the help of fluids.
  • You must see whether you are allergic to some metal or not. If yes, avoid that metal and choose some other metal. Silver is the best metal that people rarely get allergies to. 
  • Not everyone has the same ability to tolerate pain. In fact, the pain threshold is different among different people. So, it is important to have some painkillers after having a piercing. 

Things To Do After Nose Piercing

  • Do not touch your piercing. Although getting a nose pierced is a quick process, touching it, again and again, may delay the healing process. Moreover, it may increase the redness around the wound which will result in pain.
  • On the other hand, clean your nose daily. You may see the growth of dead skin around the hole or the release of a white substance around the nose pin. You must clean it properly with saline solution. After the whaling of the piercing, you must clean the area with a gentle soap or wash.
  • Take extra measures while applying skincare products and makeup. It is better to avoid this part especially if you just went through a nose piercing.
  • Always keep the area moisturized around the nose with coconut oil. Coconut oil is very useful when it comes to healing a wound.
  • Intake of natural ingredients such as turmeric which is available in our kitchen too can keep the infection away and heal the wound faster than any other cream or lotion.

Hope the points will help you in getting an awesome nose piercing. You can go for it if you want to wear a Nath at your wedding. Though some nose rings can be worn even if you don’t have a nose piercing. Anyways, whatever the case is, We at Amazed offer a wide range of Nose pins, nose rings, Nose Nath for weddings at an affordable price. Do check our collection to get the best piece.