New Jewelry Ideas for Lohri Celebration in 2022

New Jewelry Ideas for Lohri Celebration in 2022

Lohri is a pure Punjabi traditional festival. People all over the world celebrate this festival with full enthusiasm. A lot of gossip with the people sitting around the bonfire and eating and dancing to folk songs is a common scene that can be seen on Lohri night.

Lohri night is all fun and a quality time to be spent with the family members. After the Lohri day, Maghi Sangrand is celebrated.

Significance of Lohri

The significance in ancient times is related to the celebration of the winter crop season which is particularly linked with the Punjab and nearby regions. People have celebrated it as a new season of long and cozy days after short and cold nights. And it is believed to be the end of winter seasons. As the sun proceeds toward northward.

Moreover, a popular tale of Dulla Bhatti is also linked with Lohri folklore. The Lohri songs actually showcase the courage and heroic work done by Dulla Bhatti during the Mugal time. Apart from that, nowadays, people organise Lohri parties too to celebrate the first Lohri of their child by inviting their near and dear ones.

Lohri celebration has surpassed the celebration in just the traditional way as now people love to exchange sweets and other gifts at these festivals just like Diwali. It is another way to enjoy, celebrate and have a get-together. If we are talking about the party and celebration, how can we not talk about the jewelry and beautiful traditional outfits? Well, you can get ready with traditional or semi-traditional outfits with beautiful traditional jewelry. Here we are giving you the jewelry options to match them with your Lohri party outfits.

American Diamond Jewelry

Best jewelry to be worn with western and traditional dresses. This is simple and yet a perfect pick for a night full of lights. Moreover, you can be dazzled when AD jewelry comes in front of the bonfire. Just add a pair of diamond earrings with your dress and you're ready to rock.

Oxidized Jewelry

Also known as black metal jewelry. A little blackish colour on metal jewelry gives it a special effect and makes it a perfect option for your Lohri celebrations if you want something new other than Punjabi traditional jewelry.

Gemstone Jewelry

A simple gemstone in a necklace like Ruby, Sapphire, Quartz, Emerald. It gives you an excellent option to add a jewelry piece with any kind of dress.

Pearl Jewelry

White pearls can never go wrong! Wear a beautiful necklace set with a white flowy dress at the Lohri celebration. They can go well with any outfit of any colour. In fact it could be the best jewelry if you are looking for your mother or aunt to attend a party on this day.

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