Nattiyan Earrings - The Best Men's Jewelry

Nattiyan Earrings - The Best Men's Jewelry

Jewelry is a part of our daily life. It doesn't matter if you are a woman or a man, everybody likes to wear it. However, jewelry is different for men and women in many ways. In this blog, we are going to talk about the most trending jewelry for men - Nattiyan. Every Punjabi boy must have wanted to wear them in his youth. They have always been a trendsetter for young boys. Let's talk more about this special jewelry item.

Nathiyan earrings is ear jewelry worn by Punjabi men for ages. They are made with precious metals like gold and silver and have a unique design of a half-moon which gives them an unusual look. Another distinctive feature of Nathiyan is its pattern drawn on them by graving the metal. Different shapes and designs are made on metal to enhance the charm of these earrings.

A Glance on Men Wearing Earrings In Punjab

In Punjab, it is an ancient tradition for men to wear earrings. In the early 19th century, Punjab was under the rule of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. He was fond of wearing earrings and it became a symbol of royalty for the men of Punjab to wear them. It became a distinguished feature of Punjabi men to wear earrings with turban on their heads.

Moreover, ear piercing and wearing earrings have many other scientific benefits for men. 

  • Improved Reproductive Health
  • More Energy
  • Healthy Eyesight

It has also been a trend for a long time in Punjab to wear earrings only on the right ear. This is because the right side of the human body is considered masculine and the left is feminine.

Buy Imitation Jewelry Nattiyan Online

Earlier, nathiyan were only made out of precious metals like gold and silver but now you can get the same look in imitation jewelry. It costs much less than real gold nattiyan jewelry. You can get what you desire. Have a look at some options in imitation Nattiyan Earrings-

Nattiyan for Non-Pierced Ears

It is not necessary to have pierced ears to wear your favorite Nattiyan Earrings. You can now buy non-pierced Nattyian online without going through the pain of piercing. They are super comfortable and lightweight to carry.

Graved Nattiyan for Pierced Ears

The most distinguishing feature of the Nattiyan earrings is their beautiful graving on them. You can get them graved in different shapes and styles.

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