How to make Makhan (Indian Butter) at home?

Ingredients - Fresh Malai from boiled milk OR 35% Heavy Whipped Cream.

I prefer using a shortcut and use 35% Heavy Whipped Cream which is readily available in the Supermarkets.

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Instructions to make Makhan (Indian Butter)

1. Pour Whipped Cream in your mixer grinder / food processor. Make sure you don't fill the jar, I fill one-fourth the jar. If you fill it more, it might splash out and wont make Makhan properly.

2. Close the lid and churn in the grinder for a few minutes. You will see the liquid starting to get thicker.

3. When the liquid is thick, add little bit (approx. 2-3 tablespoons) of warm water. Close the lid and start churning again. If you see the food processor having a hard time to process it, then again add 1-2 tablespoons of warm water.

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4. Now you should notice water and Makhan starting to separate out. Still churn more. You will notice Makhan separating out even more.

5. Now your Makhan (Indian Butter) is ready. You can collect it as is OR to make it easy, you can add 3-4 ice cubes to help it cool down. Churn a little bit more. This will help to bind the butter together and easier to collect. 

6. The left out is nutritious and yummy Lassi. You can drink it or make paneer out of it.

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1. You can buy a bigger size or smaller size of Whipped Cream Carton based on how much Indian Butter you want to make. But, make sure you don't fill more than one fourth the jar.

2. If you are using a high powered food processor like Vitamix, don't use the highest settings in the start as it will make it thinner whereas you want to make it thicker.

3. You can use any mixer, grinder or food processor to make Indian Butter (Makhan).

4. In winters, you might have to use more warm water and in summers you might need less or sometimes not at all. You will learn it with practice.

5. You might think it is a lengthy process, but overall it takes just around 5 mins or so.

6. The left out Lassi can also use it to kneed flour to make soft rotis. You can also add it to Daal Makhani.