Latest Kalire Designs - Buy Bridal Kaliras Online

Latest Kalire Designs - Buy Bridal Kaliras Online

Are you looking for trendy Kaleere? Before beginning, let’s discuss the looks of Kalirs formation. Generally, the Kaliras have the umbrella shape that hangs on the wrist of the brides on the wedding days. It is an essential part of the Punjabi jewelry for brides. They are available in numerous types. In the early times, coconut shapes of Kaleere were in the trend that is symbolic of newlywed. The Kaliras are mainly tied by the Bride’s sister and friends. Let’s see what kind of Kalira designs are available in the market that you can buy for your wedding.  


Before heading towards the types of Kalira designs, it is important to understand that the Kaliras are the utmost important accessory for the bride-to-be. After this ceremony, on the day of the wedding, the bride shakes them on the head of unmarried girls. It is just the same as the flower bouquet ceremony in western culture. Well, the beautiful designs that are in trend these days are-

Different Types of Bridal Kaleere

Lightweight Punjabi Kalira- This diamond Kalira is perfect if you want the latest designs that give a royal look to the bride. On the same hand, they are easy to carry for everyone. This helps in enhancing the beauty of the bride. They are generally available in white beads tassels. 

High-Quality Polki Kalira- If your whole bridal jewelry has Polki then you can easily match it with the help of Polki Kaleere. These types of options go well with gorgeous Lehengas. 

Silver Polki Kaliras- Do you want silver Kaliras to match with your bridal dress? If yes, then Silver Polki would go perfectly with it. No other option can help you that well. Very few jewelry stores have silver collections for Kaliras but Amazel Designs offers beautiful collections of Kaliras all over the world. All you need to do is to order it as soon as possible because that would help you to get the best deal. 

Golden Kalire with Stones- Today, stones are all around the world, be it any piece of jewellery or even dresses. Therefore, opt for these Buy stone Kalira and mark your show your chic style statement. 

Kalire with Stones and Beads- The stone Kaliras along with beads Bridal Chura will take your bridal looks too many times up. It will add everything to your attire such as style and shimmer. 

Traditional Kalira- I think all people love to be traditional especially on special occasions such as weddings. This is the reason people prefer to add traditional taste to their bridal looks too. Traditional Kaleere for bridal are modern trends in Punjabi weddings. Rest all depends on the bridal dress and choice of an individual. 

Buy Punjabi Bridal Kalire Online 

Punjabi Kaleere is gold or silver plated, dome-shaped accessories that are attached to the Chura. Fancy Punjabi Kaliras look awesome with the Punjabi Kaleere are made more attractive with beading and strings. For the latest stunning designs and styles just hit the Amazel Designs. They have amazing Bridal Kalire available at a low price free of delivery charges.