Latest Hand Piece Jewelry Designs Online

Latest Hand Piece Jewelry Designs Online

Women have always been very concerned about the beauty of their hands and take good care of them to make them more presentable. Another element that makes them attractive is the collection of the latest hand jewelry.

Jewelry in general is the best way to get attention to desired body parts. There are different sets of jewelry items for specific body parts.

Hand accessory consists of many items like traditional bangles, Statement Rings, Finger Cuffs and Hand Piece Jewelry/ Haath Phools. These items add grace to your beautiful hands and are widely used by Punjabi women. Here in this blog, we are going to talk about Hand Piece Jewelry.

Hand Piece jewelry has been a part of bridal jewelry for ages. In the 1980s and early '90s, it was a mandatory jewelry item for Punjabi brides. But now it's gaining popularity again and brides-to-be chose to wear them for her pre-wedding functions and even for the wedding ceremony. The layout of the handpiece jewelry consists of a bracelet attached to the rings by a beautiful chain. There are many designs and patterns available online to choose from. We will now discuss them briefly.

Hottest Hand Piece Jewelry Designs

The handpiece jewelry has one or more than one ring attached to the bracelet. Even some pieces have 5 rings, one for each finger including the thumb. Often the handpiece jewelry is adjustable so any size can wear it. Let's have a look at the latest designs.

American Diamond Hand Piece

Diamonds can never go wrong! Get yourself this beautiful shiny handpiece and pair it with your American jewelry. It is the perfect option for Night Receptions as these diamonds will appear as stars on your hand. 

Artificial Flower Hand Piece

The best option for your Haldi or Mehndi Ceremonies. Colourful flowers will add charm to your look. You can get a handpiece with one ring or more than one ring according to your preference. It is adequate jewelry for daytime ceremonies.

Multi-coloured Pokli Hand Piece

Pokli stone is known for its elegance and royalty. Get your hands on Mulicoured or White Pokli Handpiece jewelry to match with your attire. Giving you the princess vibe, it is well suited for the day as well as night functions. 

Champagne Stone Adjustable Hand Piece

The champagne colour is a special one. Its earthy tones blend perfectly with the colour of the skin. This could go off well with any coloured outfit. Just add matching jewelry and you are ready to go!

Hand Piece with Coloured Beads

Those tiny beads look perfect when designed for Hand Piece Jewelry. Flaunt your expensive manicure with this classy Beads Hand Piece Jewelry. This is an edgy option for Sangeet and Cocktail parties too.

These are some of the latest Hand Piece Designs we talked about. There are many online jewelry stores where you can find them but if you want quality products, do visit Amazel Designs. We are the best jewelry store in US & Canada and provide worldwide shipping. Check our vast jewelry collection and you might end up ordering some excellent items.