Kaintha and Jugni - Buy The Best Bhangra Jewelry

Kaintha and Jugni - Buy The Best Bhangra Jewelry

Do you have any knowledge about the Kaintha or Jugni? Well, if not then we are going to enrich your knowledge through this blog. We all know, Punjabi culture is a rich culture. Apart from the food and history, the jewellery is so unique that includes a lot of different types of ornaments that have now become mere a showcase piece. The jewellery which was often worn on a regular basis has now either worn on the functions by men and women such as weddings or some Punjabi dance competition. Though there are many awesome and unique types of Punjabi jewelry, here in this blog, I would add about Kaintha and Jugni only. 

Buy Jugni Online

Do you want to know what Jugni is? Well, it is a jewelry specially designed for women worn round the neck. In ancient times, it was worn regularly. Generally, people belonging to affluent families often wear such ornaments. Additionally, this jewelry was made from real metals such as gold, silver in old times. But with the change of time, the trend of owning a Jugni has reduced. Nowadays, they are available in artificial Punjabi jewellery. Mostly, it is worn on Punjabi folk dance competitions such as Bhangra or Giddha. You may buy Jugni online. It is available in the Golden color with Ghungroo attached to it. It is often attached to different colored Doris often used to tie around the neck.

Buy Kaintha Online 

Well, it is the well known traditional wear for men after Kadha. In ancient times, Kaintha was widely worn by the men which were usually made of real gold metal. But with time, it is just worn on special occasions such as Bhangra or dance competitions. Kaintha is available in big heavy metal patches attached and a colored beard mounted below at the downside.

Big Kaintha with Dori
The Kaintha well known for the Punjabi folk dance performances is available in two sizes. One is normally available around 1.5 to 2 approximately and the other is big Kaintha with a size of  2.5 to 3 inches approximately. The attached Dori is also available in different colors. You can match it with your dress easily. 

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