Jewelry Ideas For Brides Mother with Amazel Designs

Jewelry Ideas For Brides Mother with Amazel Designs

We often consider a wedding day special for the bride and the groom. But it is also special for their families too. The bride's mother also grabs the special attention on the wedding day. She must look outstanding to catch the eyes of her daughter's wedding day. 

Fashion is for everybody! Buy elegant Fashion Jewelry to create a wonderful look for the mother of the bride. The jewelry and accessories should be significant enough to signal that she is the host. In this blog, we are going to talk about some jewelry and accessories options best for the mother of the bride.

Exotic Rani Haar 

Rani Haar is the best jewelry option for the mother of the bride. A long necklace with precious stones and pearls gives you a very elegant look when paired with a saree or suit. Although, as the mother of the bride, it should always be kept in mind not to go very loud with jewelry. Always find the right balance. Like, you can pair studs with rani haar to not look overdone. Make your Rani Haar statement jewelry and take all the attention towards it.

True Elegance of Kundan Jewelry

Kundan jewelry is one of the royal types of jewelry for the bride's mother. Whether It's Kundan earrings, Kundan earrings or Kundan Rings, every piece of this jewelry makes you stand out as a host. Also, your jewelry should be tasteful and in line with your outfit for the day. 

Kundan jewelry goes well with any traditional outfit giving it an extra pinch of elegance. Buy good quality Kundan jewelry from Amazel Designs. Focus on quality rather than quantity.

Kadas and Bangles

Empty hands don't suit the bride's mother. Invest in good quality Kadas to match the occasion. You can find a huge variety of Imitation Gold Kada Jewelry online to choose from according to your taste. If you are not a huge fan of Kadas then wear some classy bangles to match  your outfit. 

Always keep in mind to wear a watch with your Kada or bangles. If you want to wear a watch then wear bangles or Kadas only on one arm. 

Classy Pearl Tikka Set

Pearls can never go out of style. It doesn't matter what your age or designation is, pearls suit everyone. Often mothers skip on head jewelry but a pearl maang tikka can elevate your look instantly. It doesn't make you look overdone. Keep it classic and simple! Try to add more statement pieces to your jewelry rather than going for full-fledged loud jewelry.

Matching Potli Bag

Last but not the least, a Potli Bag. It is very common for the mother of the bride to carry a large purse but we are suggesting something very stylish and very trendy. A Potli bag can contain all of the necessary items and still look phenomenal. You can easily get a matching Potli Bag from Amazel Designs with your Outfit. Also, the Potli bag can easily rest on your arm and make your hands free for the wedding and able to greet guests properly.

It's the bride's time to shine, so this isn't the day to experiment or be outrageous with jewelry. Try to take inspiration from the above-mentioned jewelry items and create your look. For more jewelry options, check our website- Amazel Designs and get your hands on wonderful jewelry and accessories