Jewelry and Accessory  to Rock On Jaggo Night

Jewelry and Accessory to Rock On Jaggo Night

Jaggo Night is one of the main events of Punjabi weddings. It is a ritual that involves the groom and the bride, in their respective homes. Family and friends are a big part of this celebration and everyone stays up all night, dancing and singing. The maternal family of the bride and groom is the main attraction of the night. Ladies carry a vessel on top of their heads which has clay lamps inside them. Everybody loves dressing up their best to enjoy this night full of fun and laughter.

If you are about to attend a Punjabi wedding then you must get ready to look your best for the night before the wedding. In this blog, we are giving you a list of certain necessary items of jewelry and accessories which you must include in your jaggo look for a Perfect Punjabi Night.

Bright Colours

Jaggo Night is full of lights and colours. To stand out in the crowd, you must wear bright-coloured outfits. Colours like red, orange, green, and magenta look perfect on this occasion. Well, you don't need to stick to a specific colour and can try colour contrasting your outfits. Go for loud makeup with bright colours to compliment the occasion. Bright colours are considered happy colours which is why they perfectly suit this fun night.


To get a complete Punjaban look, try braids and accessories with Paranda or Braid Ornaments. A Punjabi suit with a long braid is the perfect outfit for a Jaggo night. There are a lot of accessories available in the market to make your braid look more beautiful. Stones and gems like Polki and Kundan are used in these accessories to shine out on the jaggo night. You can also add traditional gold clips with braids to intensify your hairstyle. 


Phulkari is the best part of Jaggo dressing. A true Punjaban look is incomplete without a well-embellished Phulkari. The ladies of the maternal family of the bride and the groom wear Phulkari while performing auspicious rituals on Jaggo night. Also, while performing traditional dance, Gidda with boliyan, they wear phulkaris. There is a great importance of this piece of clothing and you need to have a Phulkari Dupatta not only for Jaggo but for many traditional Punjabi wedding ceremonies.

Maang Tikka

Maang Tikka along with other jewelry items can make all the difference on Jaggo. It not only enhances the charm of your face but also completes the jaggo look perfectly. Pair your maang tikka with dazzling earrings or a necklace to add more glam. You can go bold with Oversized Maang Tikka or opt for small and sleek ones. Also, try to consider your face shape while choosing a maang tikka as there are many designs and styles available. 

Balis or Walliyan

Baliyan or hoop earrings are part of the traditional jewellery of Punjab. They also symbolise our culture which is why they are appropriate for the jaggo ceremony. Traditional outfit with large hoop balis looks magical on Punjabi mutiyar. For lightweight options choose Pipal Patti baliyan as they are a perfect choice considering all the dancing. They look stylish while maintaining your comfort.

Jaggo is the main attraction of Punjabi weddings and the best occasion to flaunt your punjaban look. Try Include traditional jewelry and accessories on this day. To buy all the above-mentioned items you can check Amazel Designs. We deal in Punjabi Traditional Jewelry and Accessories and provide shipping worldwide. Check out our collection now!