Importance of Waist Belt - Everything you Need to Know About Indian Waist Belt

Importance of Waist Belt - Everything you Need to Know About Indian Waist Belt

A waistband or waist belt is also called belly chains used by Indian women to embellish their belly part. ‘Kamarband’ is a Hindi name for the Indian waist belt. As the name suggests, this jewelry is worn around the waist by the women. It is used over the Saree during wedding season and other auspicious occasions. Waistbands usually made of gold or silver can be lightweight or heavyweight. It also comes in many colors and shapes with precious stones and beads too.

In Africa, waistbands are also called belly beads or waistline beads. Many African women wear beaded waist chains as a symbol of womanliness, richness, and spiritual happiness.

Waistband added true Indian charm to the beauty of a woman. For a completely classy look, people love to wear a heavy golden belly chain with a traditional silk Saree or Lehengas. 

History of Indian Waist Belt

Belly chain ornaments are a part of religious functions to show prosperity originating in India almost 4000 years back. Apart from the showoff purposes, there were many other reasons for wearing waist belts, some of them are- birth control, weight loss, beauty, and sensuality. Women wore belly chains at festive times and spiritual ceremonies. In early times, men and women both wore belly chains as a part of jewellery on a daily basis.

Why Indian Waist Belt is Worn by Women
In Hindu religion, the waist belt is a vital part of ‘Solah Singaar’ i.e. ‘Sixteen Adornments’. According to Hindu myths, sixteen adornments for women are mandatory. From this, one adornment is the waistband, used to enhance the beauty of a woman.

Women wear waistbands on the saree but today have also worn over the lehengas or customized the dresses as a fashion symbol. South Indian classical dancers wear belly chains with traditional attire on their performances. A belly chain can be a single-line or heavy thick chain made of metal. In India, women also wear belly chains made up of gold on their wedding day. But it is too costly to buy gold made belly chains. So, people love to buy an artificial metal-based waistband in different colours.  

Buy Latest Indian Waist Belts Online 

Nowadays, the waistband is a fashion trend among young girls. Besides, girls love to wear Indian Waist Belt Designs with western outfits that look fantastic. In this fashion world, there is a trend of customized outfits with which the designers love to use designer waistbands. There are many varieties of artificial belly chain online such as Kundan-based belly chain, gold waist chain, white and red beads based belly chain, etc.

In the end, it can be said that every tradition in this modern world is loved and praised by many. People love to use and buy Indian jewelry online. If you are looking to buy an Indian waist belt online or waistband in different colors and shapes, visit Amazel Designs in US & Canada at cost-effective prices and get free shipping.