Importance of Chura Cloth in Punjabi Weddings

Importance of Chura Cloth in Punjabi Weddings

Punjabi weddings are incomplete without a bridal Chura. Every Punjabi bride wants to wear a beautiful Chura set for her wedding. There is a special ceremony solely dedicated to Chura bangles and a particular ritual of covering Chura before the wedding is also practiced by many Punjabi families. Keep reading if you want to know more about this ritual!

Chura Cover Cloth is quite a thing nowadays and one of the latest trends followed by brides. It is a handcrafted and embroidered piece of cloth in a cylindrical shape which is used to cover the Chuda bangles. It has Dori on either side to tighten from the ends.

Now the question comes- What is the need for Churra covers? Read below!

Why do some brides cover their Chuda? 

The Chooda ceremony is a tradition where the maternal uncle (Mama) puts chooda on the bride's arm a day before the wedding. In some Punjabi families, it is considered inauspicious for the bride to see her Chura before the wedding. They used to cover the Chura with white handkerchiefs but as the brides are all fashion conscious these days, these beautiful and colored Chuda covers are invented. These cloth covers do not steal the charm but instead add a little glam to the bride.

Stylish Details of Cloth Churra Covers

There is a wide range of Churra Cloth covers in the market. You can buy them online too. Some of the trendiest features of these Choda cloth covers are mentioned below-

Velvet Fabric is a Charm

The most common fabric used to make Churra cloth covers is velvet. It has a lustrous finish which makes these covers look shiny and smooth. Another reason to use velvet fabric is that you can do any type of embroidery on it and it will appear beautifully. Other fabrics are also available in cloth covers but the grace of velvet is unmatchable. 

Dabka and Tilla Work

Bridal outfits are loaded with hand embroidery so to match up, Churra covers are also beautifully crafted with Punjabi hand-embroidery like Dabka, Tilla, Sippi etc. These embroidered cloth covers will effortlessly match your pre-wedding outfit or wedding outfit. 

Personalized Cloth Covers

Talking about trends, the personalization of bridal accessories is also very popular these days. The same goes with the Churra cloth cover. You can have your and your partner's name or your wedding date on these covers. You can have anything embroidered on these covers of your choice.

Stylish Latkans

Churra cloth covers have Dori on either side to tighten them and these Doris are attached with beautiful Latkans. These Latkans add another lovely element to these covers. These Latkans can be made of cloth, stones, pearls, metal, etc. 

Bright and Glossy colors

Earlier white handkerchiefs on the Chura used to steal all the thunder of the bride but now these bright colorful cloth covers add up to the beauty of the bride. You can get any color on these covers either matching your outfit or in contrast to your outfit.

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