Ideas to Style Velvet Shawl For Classy Look

Ideas to Style Velvet Shawl For Classy Look

You cannot take your eyes off from soft, smooth and luxurious fabric - Velvet. Its rich appearance and high-end feel make it perfect for the textile industry. It is a warm at the same time stylish choice for winters. The most stylish form of adding velvet to your wardrobe is by having a Fashionable Velvet Shawl.

Punjabi women often wear shawls as a shield in the winter season. It becomes the best choice while you are wearing beautiful Punjabi suits and you don't want to be covered with sweaters and coats. Velvet shawls are the most loved fashion item among Punjabi women. They add style to your outfit and at the same time keep you warm.

Let's talk about the amazing styling ideas for velvet shawl which you can incorporate at your next function.

Different Patterns to Pair Velvet Shawl with Suits

There are different types of velvet shawls available in the market to choose from. All you need is a perfect styling technique to get a beautiful look from these shawls.

Hot Pink (Tilla Work) Velvet Shawl with Pastel Suit

The most attractive and eye-catching color, the hot pink velvet shawl looks more impressive when paired with a light pastel shade suit. Dark on the light shade is a perfect combo if you want to add some glamor to your pastel-coloured suits. Moreover, tile work adds an extra charm to the shawl. A wedding in cold weather is a perfect excuse to try this amazing combo. Add on some Traditional Jewelry to complete your look.

Black (Sippi Work) Velvet Shawl with Golden Suit

Lethal black velvet shawl looks amazing with Gold coloured or Beige suit. The golden color is a bit on the pale side but when paired with a black shiny velvet shawl makes all the difference. These colors complement each other. Golden Sippi-work on black velvet shawl gives the feel of stars in the night sky. Wear this combo for night functions like Jaggo. Add Golden Jewelry and you are good to go!

Red (Kundan Work) Velvet Shawl with Black Suit

Red is the perfect wedding color. You must add this beautiful coloured velvet shawl to your wardrobe. The best combination to pair a red velvet shawl is with a Black suit. Your favorite black suit will do complete justice to the Red Velvet shawl. For extra charm, go for Kundan work on the shawl. This combination is perfect for day functions as the black suit is more suitable for daylight functions and a red velvet shawl will add a perfect rosy glow to your face too.

Wine (Gotta Patti) Velvet Shawl with White Suit

Wine is a perfect shade for those who want to try some trendy colors. Although, wine color looks terrific on any light shade, its combination with white is adorable. White, being not so party color, grabs its rhythm when worn with a wine-coloured velvet shawl. Gota Patti embroidery is perfectly done on velvet stuff. You can completely rock your favorite white suit at the next wedding function by adding a wine-colored velvet shawl to it.

These are the few options which you can easily opt for. Now the question comes where you can get so many options in color and embroidery.

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