How to Drape Dupatta in Different Style

How to Drape Dupatta in Different Style

Dupattas add instant grace and charm to your dress. Some may think carrying dupattas is messy and it's not comfortable. Let me tell you it's not uncomfortable at all. All you need to do is to learn the art of draping dupattas properly in a stylish way. Trust me, it's one of the hassle-free clothing items you could ever have.  

Others may think it's boring to carry heavy dupatta designs because you only know one or two styles to carry them. But actually, there are many styles. One more thing that you must know is that every style doesn't go with every dupatta also. The fabric, pattern and the type of dress it is worn also determine the style of pinning it up. Have a look at different styles of draping bridal chunni that you can learn from.

Heavy Dupatta Draping Styles For Different Dupattas Designs

When you pinned up a Dupatta or Chunni properly, then it’ll help you look your most graceful self. Here are some popular ways that you can pick for your dupatta and rock your Desi outfits!

#1 One-Sided Pleats

One of the easiest and simple draping styles. Pleat your dupatta on one side over the shoulder and leave the fanned-out part on the other side in the front. You can easily manage it and it goes with exactly every occasion. You can try this style with lightweight dupattas. 

#2 Shoulder Wrapping Drape

It is one of the best draping styles for heavy dupattas like velvet shawls and heavily embroidered phulkari. In this style, your dupatta goes around your shoulders and arms from back to front. This looks very classy with formal outfits.

#3 Drape Across Neck

This is the basic draping style for girls. Just let it drape on both sides from the neck. Make sure the dupatta is hanging around the same length on both sides and is properly pleated rather than just gathered and put around the neck. This style of dupattas goes well with plain dupattas. 

#4 Honour on the head 

Dupatta draped on the head making a U shape in front has been widely adorned in Punjabi culture. Dupatta that covers a woman's head defines honor and glory. Ideally, the dupatta takes a U-turn in the front and looks astonishing. This works awesomely with hand-painted dupattas. 

#5 Wrapped Around the Neck

This style is excellent for medium-length dupattas like stoles and scarves. It goes well with Kurtis and indo-western dresses. In this particular style, the dupatta is gathered and wrapped around the neck, letting both ends of the dupattas in front. 

#6 The Flowy Drape

Just open up the dupatta and pin it on both of your shoulders creating a deep U in front and then it flows in the wind. Best style for Trendy Organza Dupattas and lightweight Phulkaris. Trust me you will love this style. Best suited with Salwar Suits and wide-legged Palazzo Suits. 

#7 One-side Drape

The best way to flaunt that yard-long drape is to carry it on one of your shoulders without the pleats and letting it flow from that side only. Here dupatta should boast of heavy border designs. This goes well with heavy Banarasi Dupptas and even with heavy Phulkaris too.

Your Duppta and the way you carry it tells a lot about your personality. It doesn't matter how costly your outfit is if you don't know the proper way to flaunt it, it's just in vain. We hope it helped you and you will try these different styles with your dupattas.

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