How To Choose The Perfect Choora

How To Choose The Perfect Choora

Nobody wants to skip the chance of not visiting a Punjabi wedding. Everything has its own importance. And, wedding Chooda is one of the important pieces of jewelry for a Punjabi bride. Not only this but a Chooda ceremony is also celebrated in Punjabi families. Generally, the chooda with red and white color bangles are worn by the bride on the day of the wedding or before the D-day.

In fact, no bride feels complete without a Punjabi wedding Chooda. Although it is quite tough to handle these bangles while managing heavy wedding outfits. But with the good quality of wedding chooda, you can manage things really well. There are various tips that I have mentioned in this blog to choose the right kind of Chuda from a huge variety of bangles. It is important to know these points before buying a wedding Chooda.

The Material of Choora- Bridal Chooda is believed as a sign of prosperity. This is one of the reasons that it is worn by almost all brides on D-day. So, always wear good-quality bangles that are durable. Sometimes the material is so hard that it may cut the skin. S, be careful. You can explore more in the market and even online too. The bangles must not creak or break.

Check the Colors- Choora comes in various colors. Nowadays, people have become more experimental so they love to add colors like pink, magenta, peach with white color bangles. It is recommended to check the color of the Chooda before purchasing it. Moreover, whether a color makes a good combination with another or not is another thing that needs to be checked while buying. As it has been seen that some colors don’t look good with other colors.

Stone-studded Choora- Today, women love to purchase some bangles with stones as it can highlight the overall look of the wedding chooda. Moreover, it is one of the bridal jewelry that can be matched with bridal outfits perfectly. Before purchasing these bangles, check that the bangles are of good quality with good fluid.

Online Store to Buy Bridal Chooda- Where to find bridal chooda is the toughest decision as the quality differs from place to place. As per the experience of the people and in the market for so long, it is said you must not go for cheap prices as when the price drops the quality too decreases. Don’t panic while buying wedding bangles. 

Check the Feedback- Considering the referrals and recommendations of various known people could help you. And, if you want to buy Chooda online then always check the online feedback on the website as well as various social networking sites. Ladies who are married or recently married can help you to find out the best place. In this COVID era, it is better to buy chooda online.

Mix and match the chooda could be a crucial task as some women like traditional Chooda and some like to keep it bright and vibrant with multicolor bangles and stones. Check out our collection, make your mind. We at Amazel Designs have a wide range of chooda collections that could match exactly with your wedding outfits. Choose as per your desired choice at an affordable price without paying any shipping charges.