How to Care for Artificial Jewelry

How to Care for Artificial Jewelry

Every woman loves to wear artificial jewelry, but nobody knows how to care for the artificial jewelry. Sometimes, there are so many instructions that are written on the packaging but nobody bothers to read them. Isn’t it? Everybody wants to care for Indian artificial jewelry but they don’t know the right ways to care for it. You can follow the following simple tips to take care of the jewelry so that you can use it for a long time.

Some Useful Tips to Care of Indian Artificial Jewelry

Tip 1: Store the jewelry in the box

This is a must tip to keep your jewelry in the air-tight box always. If you don’t save the jewelry in the box it will break or scramble. Never ever store it in your clothes or dresses. A hard box could also protect it. You can use a box with partitions so that more jewelry can store in a single box.

Tip 2: Always Keep the jewelry dry 

Never store wet jewelry in a container. It will affect the color or quality of the jewelry. Always try to use cotton or cotton cloth to make it dry before storing it.

Tip 3: Remove jewelry at shower time

Always remove the jewelry before taking shower. Wet jewelry has a high risk of getting rusted in a very short period.

Tip 4: Keep away jewelry from any kind of makeups 

Never spray perfume, hairspray or deodorant on the jewelry. It may affect the color of the jewelry immediately and sometimes make it black or colorless. This is because makeup contains different types of chemicals that affect the jewelry.

Tip 5: Use plastic bags to store artificial jewelry

You can use plastic bags to store jewelry. Plastic bags save jewelry from air or humidity. Humidity also affects the jewelry even in the box sometimes. That’s why it becomes extremely important for the people who live in humid areas or near the seacoast to store the jewelry in a box wrapped in a plastic bag.

Tip 6: Clean with brush or cotton cloth

Sometimes the hand cream or body cream gets stuck in the jewelry such as high-quality rings. Always clean the small edges of jewelry with a toothbrush or small brush. The brush can easily remove dust from the jewelry. You can use a cotton cloth to clean the outer part of jewelry.  

Tip 7: Never wear delicate jewelry in routine 

Avoid wearing delicate jewelry when you work in the kitchen or while doing physical work. Stay away from heat as artificial jewelry can fade. Don’t wear jewelry in case you are supposed to go for swimming or other such exercises.

Tip 8: Wear jewelry in the last

Getting ready for an event is such a long process. Therefore, always try to wear the jewelry after you are done with dressing, lotion, perfume, or finishing the makeup. It will save the Indian artificial jewelry from the chemicals that often are responsible to fade the color as well as the life of the jewelry.

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