Have Oily Skin? 5 Tips for Applying your Makeup With Traditional Jewelry

Have Oily Skin? 5 Tips for Applying your Makeup With Traditional Jewelry

Buying makeup products is easy these days. All that is required is to get the right products, be it a concealer, toner, contour, foundation, blusher or highlighter. The right selection of makeup products per your skin tone is the secret of flawless makeup throughout the night or day. Otherwise, the base may slip off or you may see cracks in the cosmetic or makeup look cakey, which isn't very pleasant.

People with oily skin know how hard it is to choose the makeup products and wear traditional jewelry, especially during the day functions. As skin secrets, a lot of oil plus the products emulsified with natural oils make the skin look messy. 

We have mentioned some of the points below to tell you the hacks you can use while buying makeup products online. Just read them once to make your makeup long-lasting and smooth.

Keep Your Skin Ready Before Applying Any Product

Consider your skincare the most basic and primary thing when applying makeup. It is essential to look good before using any makeup product. A good skin prep provides a blank slate that will improve the makeup application. Start by cleaning and exfoliating your skin to eliminate any extra oil and minimize the size of the pores.

It is the biggest mistake if you believe that having oily skin prevents you from moisturizing. Even the oiliest skin requires hydration to keep sebum glands from working overtime to make up for it. The skin will be hydrated with a gel-based lotion or moisturizer without becoming oily or slick. Also, you ought to make an effort to utilize fewer goods overall.

Confuse Between Using Primer or Not 

Well, generally, makeup artists have different opinions about using a primer or not using a primer. Some say applying primer will help you if you have large pores, but it's too much to put on. Some makeup artists use a primer to give a matte look on oil-secreting areas, especially T-zone. Choosing the primer wisely is important, as it may make your skin extremely oily.

Be very Careful While Applying Base. 

Always keep your base even throughout the face and must choose the proper foundation as per your skin type. You can choose between a powder foundation (which should be applied with a damp sponge) and a mattifying liquid foundation for oily skin. They won't slide off and leave streaks on your face, even tinted moisturizers with a more gel-like consistency. Use a creamy, thick concealer with a sticky texture to conceal any areas that need to be covered, such as pimples or dark circles. Makeup artists also advise using a stippling brush to apply foundation quickly without dragging the substance around. Your makeup can look less layered and thick if it has sheer coverage.

Choose Formulas Wisely

When choosing the other products of your makeup, you must also consider the type of your skin. Do you know about dewy skin? After an hour or two of wear, it may begin to seem oily, according to cosmetic experts.

It is advised to avoid highlighters with a wet appearance and use matte hues to outline the face instead. On an oilier face, cream and liquid consistency work better because powder can emulsify with the skin's natural oil and leave your skin looking cakey. For blush and contour products, jelly or lightweight balms can absorb into the skin more readily than powdery products.

Make Your Eyes Special

How can you forget about eye makeup? Eye makeup can change the overall looks of an individual. Be it concealer, mascara, and eye shadow or Kajal, you can't skip even a single eye product. Focus on the bottom side of the eyes as they are a bit darker than the overall face. Absorb the oil with a powder and be careful while putting makeup on brows and using eye shadow. It can actually define your whole look.

Allow the Makeup to Get Set 

Applying makeup sprays after everything is another product you must have used or heard about. Some experts say that using powder to make the makeup base or spray before applying foundation is the best way to extend the makeup stay for oily skin.

Hope the tips mentioned above will help you apply makeup, especially if you have oily skin.