Hair Accessories to Complete Your Punjabi Traditional Look

Hair Accessories to Complete Your Punjabi Traditional Look

Festive Season is still on and you might be planning to attend another party soon. Especially when the party is carried as a Punjabi theme, it becomes more interesting. Being in Canada or the USA and away from your native country, these parties are always very special. You can feed your soul by wearing beautiful Punjabi suits and embracing your latest collection of Punjabi Traditional Jewelry. Right?

When we talk about Punjabi Traditional Look, it includes your Punjabi outfit and Punjab jewelry. In these you often forget about your  hair, they also need the accessories to complete your Punjabi look. So this blog focuses on the latest hair accessories you must own to dazzle at the next party.

Buy Latest Hair Accessories Online in Canada and USA

Hair accessories have always been a part of Punjab culture, without them the overall look is not complete. Let's see the modern version of these Traditional Hair accessories.

Jeweled Headband

One of the latest and most trendy hair accessories are these beautiful jeweled headbands. They are long chains like bands that go from one ear to another. They are usually made of Kundan and Polki stones stunned in metal. These headbands look very pretty especially when worn with Maang Tikka. You can even get these headbands with attached tikkas.

Beautiful Artificial Gajra

Yes, we know original Gajras look more beautiful but let's be clear they don't have life and it's difficult to find original flower Gajras in Canada so for rescue comes artificial flower Gajras, they look equally beautiful and can also be worn many times, unlike the original ones.

Golden Pipal Patti Hair Clips

One of the traditional jewelry pieces, which your grandmothers might have owned. They're like normal hair clips but with leaf-like structures hanging at the end. They were generally made up of original gold but now you can also get them as imitation jewelry.

Evergreen Paranda

Prandas have always been a must-hair accessory for the Punjabi look. You can get them in different colours and patterns. The most recent paranda design is the golden and silver Gota Patti paranda Online. They have an incredible finish and make your braid look long and thick too.

Floral Hair Bun

From Sabyasachi Brides to Punjabi brides, everyone is going for the floral buns under the sheer dupattas. Another easy way to get that same look is by having these artificial ready-to-wear Floral Hair Buns. They give the original feel to your hair, just pop in some pins and you are ready to go.

Swarovski Hair Clips

Swarovski stones look very pretty and especially in the form of hair clips. This hair accessory will make your hairstyles more stunning. You can buy them in different styles, colours, sizes and patterns online.

So these are some trendy hair accessories you must put on for your next Punjabi style party and get all the attention you need. You can get all these beautiful hair accessories from our online store Amazel Designs. Although we are based in US and Canada we deliver free of cost all over the world. Not only Canada, but our business is also successfully running all over the world. Check out the website and place your order now.