Everything About Vatna Ceremony in Punjabi Wedding

Everything About Vatna Ceremony in Punjabi Wedding

Punjabi weddings are famous for their everlasting fun and excitement. Fun, food and Traditional outfits are at their best in Punjabi weddings. There are numerous ceremonies associated with the wedding and each ceremony has its unique dose of excitement. Let's talk about the most entertaining ceremony of a Punjabi wedding- the Vatna ceremony or the Haldi ceremony.

This is a pre-wedding ceremony celebrated by both groom and bride. It is also known as 'Maiyan' in some parts of Punjab. Earlier, this ceremony was performed separately on the bride and groom side but now some people choose it to be a combined event for both the families.

What is the Vatna Ceremony?

Vatna ceremony is done a day before the wedding day. A Phulkari is held above the bride or the groom's head and they sit under it on a small wooden table. This ceremony takes place in an open space where all the relatives, family and friends surround to sing beautiful wedding songs. Before this ceremony, a wonderful Rangoli is made with colors near to the place of sitting.

A mixture is prepared with haldi, besan and mustard oil which is applied to the body of the groom or the bride. Everybody takes turns applying this cleansing paste along with giving blessings. After that, a ritual bath is taken by the bride and the groom. 

Who Participates in the Vatna Ceremony?

All the family members, relatives and friends take part in this ceremony. But this is a special time for the cousins and friends because they make it more like a holi ceremony by ruining the groom and the bride with this yellow paste. This makes it more fun and full of laughter. Even the other guests are not left behind in this haldi holi party. Well, there is always a way to celebrate a wedding ceremony, some like it traditional and sophisticated and some just like to go wild.

What is the Significance of the Vatna Ceremony?

Now comes the significance of this years-old ritual. Earlier, people didn't use any fancy soaps, creams or body washes to take baths. So, when a person was supposed to marry, he or she applied this all-natural Vatna on the skin to make it glow and fairer. The main purpose of this ceremony was to beautify the couple. This became a custom and is still followed with full enthusiasm. It is emotional as well as enjoyable and makes it an unforgettable memory.

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