Essential Things to Carry in Your Designer Clutch

Essential Things to Carry in Your Designer Clutch

Designer Traditional Clutches are undeniably an element of grace and fashion in a wedding. Many women prefer to carry a matching clutch with their traditional outfits to enhance their style. Most of the brides are choosing traditional designer clutches rather than going for a regular purse. But you can also rock these designer clutches as a wedding guest.

Often, it is said that these small design clutches cannot carry items in them so are a waste. It is to be clear that although it has less pocket space, it can definitely carry all the essential items you need for a wedding. Now, what are those items? Here we are giving you a complete list of the wedding essential items you can carry in your Designer Clutch very easily.

Items to Carry in a Designer Clutch for A Wedding Function

To look flawless throughout the wedding function, you might need these essentials to be carried with you.

Bobby Pins

We often get complicated hairstyles for wedding functions. To secure your hairstyles you need to use bobby pins and carrying some extras in your clutch can be beneficial in case of any hair emergency. So, this is the first and most important piece item to be with you at a wedding. You can ask your hairstylist for extra pins which he used in your hair. This way you will feel more secure, also carry a hair tie in your clutch just in case you need it.

Safety Pins

Another important clutch item is safety pins to secure your dupatta and your whole outfit. A wedding is all about the hassle, especially if you are closely related to the couple. In this, you may need safety pins for any wardrobe malfunction at the wedding. To fix any unexpected debacle you need to have a pack of safety pins. 

Sponge or Puff

Constant sweating is common at weddings and this can ruin your makeup. Always carry a puff in your clutch to soak up extra oil and sweat from your face and give an instant glow-up. You can even carry a small compact powder in your clutch to powder your face when needed.

Lipstick/ Gloss

Food is another great aspect of weddings. No matter how much you take care but still you can ruin your lipstick with all the tasty snacks. To retouch your lips after eating, you should carry lipstick or a gloss in your clutch. This is very important as it is a very common problem at weddings. Even the best lipsticks can not stay forever on your lips. 

Earrings Pushers

If you love wearing Heavy Punjabi Traditional Jewelry then carrying earrings pushers is a must. With all the dancing and roaming around, you may lose your earring pusher which could ultimately lead to losing your precious earrings too. Make sure you have extra pushers in your Designer Clutch to handle the situation.

These are the few essential items that can easily fit in a clutch and can save you from many problems at a wedding function. To buy amazing designer clutches with traditional work, you can visit Amazel Designs' online store. We also have a large variety of Traditional Jewelry along with many accessories to give you an enhanced look at every wedding function.