Different Styles to Flaunt Flower Jewelry

Different Styles to Flaunt Flower Jewelry

Jewelry is not always about gold, stones and metals, sometimes flowers can do wonders. Flower jewelry is taking all the hype these days. Brides are switching more towards flower jewelry for their wedding and pre-wedding events. 

It is lightweight, easy to carry, colorful and flawless. It gives you a refreshing look and enough charm to ditch the mainstream jewels.

You can get every ornament made with flowers, whether it's matha Patti, necklace or rings. Artificial flowers made up of paper and ribbons make gorgeous jewelry which is much more reliable than fresh flowers because they can lose their charm in a matter of time. Buy artificial floral jewelry as it gives you the exact allure but with long-lasting freshness.

If you are planning your wedding and want some styling tips to incorporate floral jewelry then keep reading!

Styling Tips for Flower Jewelry

Styling flower jewelry can be fun. It's not rocket science, just keep some tips in your head when planning to wear flower jewelry. 

Floral Hair Accessory is Must

Flowers look divine when accessorized in hair. Always add some head or braid floral jewelry to complete your look. A beautiful Matha Pati, floral headband, and Gajra make your traditional outfits look gorgeous. Floral Clips are another good way to add some flowers to your hair.

Play with Colors

You can get artificial flower jewelry in any vibrant color. The color combination of the dress and the jewelry should be in a certain way that it helps your flower jewelry to pop out. Either go with contrast or opt for vibrant colors like purple, fuchsia or burgundy. You can also choose multicolored flower jewelry when in doubt. 

Know When it's too Much

Flower jewelry is very lightweight and easy to carry so there is a tendency that you may overdo it. Keep it simple and elegant. Don't mix different types of flower jewelry and stick to only one pattern. Also, add jewelry according to your outfit. If you are wearing a bold outfit, pick a subtle set of jewelry to highlight your dress.

Ditch the Necklace

Necklace is an important piece of jewelry but sometimes ditching it is the right choice. If the floral earrings you chose to wear are long and big then it is always advised to skip the necklace as it will make your neck look small. It also depends on the neckline of the outfit, if the neckline is short then it's always good to ditch the necklace. 

Choose focal Point

Always make a focal point of your floral jewelry. It could be your Maang tikka, earrings, necklace, handpiece jewelry etc. By doing this you can direct people's gaze to the specific body part like the neck, hair or ears. Add some statement floral pieces to create a focal point like big chunky earrings, floral bridal Kaleere, flower headbands and many more.

Whether it's your Mehndi ceremony or Haldi ceremony, try to add some flower jewelry for a change. Go with the latest trends and everything will fall right into place. Be a stylish and trendy bride at your wedding.

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