Different Styles of Rings You Must Own

Different Styles of Rings You Must Own

Do you know women are more obsessed with their hands as compared to men? Well, we women need a perfect manicure and beautiful nails to make our hands look more presentable. One more thing which we like to do is to accessories our hands to enhance their charm.

Without any doubt, rings look gorgeous and essential jewellery which is worn by both men and women for ages. There are a lot of choices when it comes to wearing rings to our fingers. A thin band of metal studded with stones and diamonds looks perfect on every occasion.

Women’s jewellery is incomplete with a good collection of rings. Although, the ring is a small jewellery piece and there are so many types of rings to choose from. I think in this fashionable world, we all should have a piece of each style in our collection. For next shopping, you can add this to your list too.

Here I am listing some of the popular types of rings you can choose from. And make a statement at your next party, wedding function or any other formal or informal occasion.


A Cocktail ring is a large, broad and round ring studded with precious stones and pearls. It is mainly worn on the middle finger as it beautifully covers the hand. It is a must-have for Indian weddings to be paired with heavy jewellery. We can have it in Kundan, Polki, Pearls or any other stone or gem. It looks fabulous in any way. So ladies, do shop for this beautiful piece of Jewel.


A champagne ring is a diamond ring that is light yellowish-brown in colour and resembles the colour of champagne. Now, it is available in artificial rings too. It is unlike a white diamond and looks prettier when worn with the right piece of jewel and outfit. The main attraction of this ring is its uniqueness. If you are a person who always looks for something distinctive in their jewellery. It is for you.

Cluster Rings

Cluster Rings are designed in a cluster pattern, as the name suggests. In artificial rings, it is the most famous because it is available in a cluster of diamonds, pearls, Polki Rings, Kundans, or any other precious stone or gem. A cluster of different colours of different stones makes it look vibrant and incredible. These rings can be worn with any colour outfit due to their beautiful semblance. Moreover, you can buy American Diamond ring if you can’t or don’t want to spend  on real diamonds.

Solitaire Rings

Who doesn't know about solitaire rings? Those big diamonds placed on beautifully carved rings make it a classic piece of jewellery to own. Its elegance and sophistication compel it to be a must-have for all the ladies.


Here comes the most trendy ring, which is never out of fashion and always looks distinctive. Knuckle rings are worn in the middle of the fingers, these are small and light bands and enhance the beauty of your hand. These can be paired with other big rings too and you are never out of finger for these little rings.

Buy A Ring with Bunch of Pearls

O this type of ring is flaunting the market all over the globe. The little stone in between the ring encircled with a bunch of pearls is a must-have piece for ladies. They look great with Indian outfits. Buy pearly rings online at low prices.

These are the only few styles you can update your collection with. Trend and style go hand in hand. Everyone has their unique style, you must follow it up with just a pinch of trend in it and make your statement. For a beautiful ring collection, you can check Amazel Designs and pick your favorites at a very genuine price. So go have a glimpse.