Different Rani Haar Set You can Buy Online

Different Rani Haar Set You can Buy Online

Every jewel has its special place in Indian culture. Undoubtedly, women love to wear and buy them. Not considering all the jewelry items but Rani Haar. It is the ultimate piece that every married or unmarried woman wants to wear. There are several Rani Haars but which one can suit you. Or which one can give you the best look. Let us unwind them one by one.

Numerous types of necklaces are available in this world. It all depends on the choice of people, which one you or your lady. Whether it is Bollywood or any high-class business party, women wear long necklaces called Rani Haar with Indian and western dresses.

It is formal advice to everyone whoever loves necklaces that you must buy one rani haar online, at least one of them. Saari or a suit or any western dress, Raani Haar can be paired off beautifully without any doubt. All it depends on is your own choice and creativity of mixing and matching the dress and jewelry. 

What is Rani Haar Necklace?

Before looking into different types of Rani Haar, let’s have a quick view of the definition of Rani Haar. Well, it is long strings generally made up of pearls with one heavy pendant in between the pearl strings or two pendants that can be placed on the collar bone. Though there are numerous types of this queen necklace that can be worn


But in this blog, we are going to discuss a variety of Rani Haar sets that can be purchased at affordable prices. Let’s have a look.

  • Jadau Set with Pearls - Undoubtedly, it is one of the oldest types of necklace that is so much in demand. Jadau sets having pearls look good with indo-western dresses and pure traditional dresses too. So, Rani Haar Jaddau set with pearls are the first choice of many women.
  • Panjladi Pearls Rani Haar - Well, let’s simplify the name first. ‘Panj’ is five and 'ladi' strings; that means a 5-ladi pearl string necklace is known as Panjladi Rani Haar. This is a perfect Indian jewelry piece for those who adore Indian-styled jewels.
  • Perfect Combination of Polki & Beads Necklace Set - Are you a great fan of Polki and beads? If yes, then you must buy Polki Rani Haar Online. This could be the finest art that one can expect to wear on special occasions without getting second thought in mind. Polki with emeralds or beads can make a jewelry piece a grand one and can make your neck more beautiful too.
  • Mala Set with Choker Necklace for Bridal - Choker and Mala set is also available in Kundan. This is the first choice for bridal, especially the classy ladies who look for a lightweight set such as Meenakari Morni long Haar that is available with earrings and a Tikka set.
  • Emerald Rani Haar For Brides - This kind of Rani Haars is available in the market with various other jewelry pieces such as Nath, Hand Jewelry, Matha-Patti, Tikka, necklace, earrings. This kind of jewelry looks very heavy and beautiful too. So, if you want to buy bridal jewelry for a wedding day, you must consider this at least once.
Though picking a neckpiece easily, rani haar is not an easy task but with our beautifully hand-picked items in rani haar collection can help you in your choice. Visit us at Amazel Designs and add amazing Punjabi jewelry to your jewelry collection.