Different Jewelry Styles for Punjabi Community

Different Jewelry Styles for Punjabi Community

Wearing a perfect match of jewelry is an art. Jewelry is the heart of women. When a girl or woman thinks about getting ready for anywhere to go, the first thing that comes to mind is about the dress and jewelry. Matching jewelry with the dress is an amazing task with little effort. There are different types of jewelry available in the market for different types of occasions. Because every occasion requires a different style of jewelry. For simple occasions such as path or pooja and birthday parties often need simple and elegant jewelry. But when we talk about weddings, everyone wants a heavy and bright jewelry piece. Similarly,  at engagement and other small party functions, women can style with medium to heavy jewelry.

Some Special Styles of Jewelry That You can Buy Online-

  1.       Cocktail Style Jewelry

Cocktail means food bar reception or dinner party with drinks, and snacks. Cocktail dresses such as for wedding reception dresses are generally bright dresses with lightweight jewelry such as a single-line necklace, American diamond kadas, Polki Kadas with jhumki, Small Multi Colored Polki Jhumki, etc. Check out here

  1.       Engagement Style Jewelry

Engagement is such a special occasion as it's the life’s new beginning. Engagement rings, dresses, and jewelry are really special to choose from and wear. Girls prefer light outfits with lightweight fabulous jewelry. At this time jewelry styles can be opted from a wide range that is American Diamond multicolored necklace earrings with tikka set, American Diamond Silver Single Line Necklace in various colours that look perfect with subtle colours, extremely lightweight Kundan Choker studs earrings sets in different colors and many more. 

  1.       Latest-Style Jewelry for Wedding-

Weddings are considered as a big occasion where you can buy and enjoy various types of jewelry. There is a huge range of wedding jewelry available online. Big necklace, Chura, Bridal Kadas, Kaleere, and many other kinds of jewelry for the bridal can be purchased online. Some of the fabulous necklace styles are American Diamond necklace, Choker necklace, Polki necklace, etc. In Chuda one can also wear Thread Bangles, Multi-Colored Bangles, Beads bangles in Chooda, Red stone Kadas, Kundan Kadas, and many more.

  1.       Classic Style Jewelry

Classic jewelry is evergreen jewelry you can wear anytime and anywhere. Classic jewelry is ethnic jewelry loved by every Indian woman such as Choker necklace in a variety of colours, Gold color necklace, Pipal Patti Necklaces exclusively loved by the Punjabis to wear on Traditional functions. At weddings and at religious functions every Punjabi woman prefers to wear traditional jewelry.

  1.       Modern Style Jewelry

Modern Jewelry loved by every girl or woman. Girls are fond of trendy jewelry. Beads based necklace, Beads based Kadas, Single line necklace, White stone bangles, Silver stone bangles, Golden Polki anklets, American Diamond Payal with stones etc are some of the popular modern style jewelry.

In the end, I Hope you like and understand the different styles of jewelry and follow the above-mentioned options to get a gorgeous look.