Create Fab Bridesmaid Look with Amazel Designs

Create Fab Bridesmaid Look with Amazel Designs

Wedding day is a special day for the bride and groom but it is also a very important day for the friends, cousins or sisters of the bride- also known as Bridesmaids!

As a bridesmaid, you must make a statement with your gorgeous outfit and stunning jewelry. In Punjabi weddings, bridesmaids participate in various ceremonies. So, you have to look phenomenal for the wedding. At Amazel Designs, we have a perfect collection of Bridesmaid jewelry and accessories.

Here we have listed down a few jewelry ideas for bridesmaids to flaunt their style statement.

Stunning Kundan Jhumkas

Kundan is never out of style! It creates a traditional yet very classy piece of jewelry as Jhumkas. This jewelry is so versatile that it can be worn with any Indian attire and at any function without being too dramatic. Jhumkas are widely adorned as bridesmaids and bridal jewelry for wedding functions to give an exquisite fresh look to the wedding attire.

Oversized Chand Passa Jewelry

Head jewelry gives you an instant glow-up and makes you look like a perfect bridesmaid. A Chand Passa is sometimes enough to complete your look if you choose to wear a Gharara suit or Sharara suit. It completely dazzles on the side of your head with open and flowy hair. The best part about wearing a Chand Passa is that you don't need too much more jewelry to pull off a stunning look.

Choker as Bridesmaid Jewelry

Go for an Exquisite Choker necklace to be your bridesmaid jewelry. It will entirely jazz up your wedding day outfit. Always try to pair short-length earrings with a heavy choker to enhance the impression of your beautiful choker necklace. There is a huge variety of chokers available online if you want to choose a perfect piece for you.

Golden Hair Braid Ornament

To be a perfect Punjabi Bridesmaid, you need to have a great hair accessory like Paranda and Braid Ornaments. A long braid is all you need to give a Punjabi touch to your bridesmaid look. Golden Hair Braid ornaments make your regular braid look jeweled up and stunning. These braid ornaments are long and broad which beautifully cover your braid. 

Charming Polki Stone Statement Kadas

Polki Kadas come with fine detailing and delicate craftsmanship and give a perfect royal look to the bridesmaid. You can either completely ditch the bangles and wear stone Kadas or you can also mix and match them with bangles of your choice. A traditional bridesmaid look is never complete without a set of Kadas or bangles, so do include them in your look. 

So, get ready to rock your best friend or sister's wedding in your best outfit and incredible jewelry. To buy all the above-mentioned jewelry items and many more go visit Amazel Designs. We have a huge collection of bridesmaid jewelry that makes you dazzle like a queen. Do check our exotic jewelry and accessory collection in Canada and USA. Contact us for the best offers.