Colours to Choose for Bridal Chooda other than RED

Colours to Choose for Bridal Chooda other than RED

Every girl falls for a beautiful Chooda. It has to be graceful and must add charm to the bridal outfit. After all, D-day is important for everyone.

Different Choora Colours to choose from

Gone are the days, when our mother and grandmother only had an option of red and white dotted bangles in the chooda. Now in this modern era, there are huge options when it comes to the latest Chooda colour other than red. Wedding Choodas are reinvented by brides these days, and there are so many different options out there! Just check it out.

Buy Unique Bridal Chudas Online

Buy Pinks & Peaches Chooda

Girls have already invented numerous names for different shades of Pink such as hot pink, dark pink, baby pink, powdered-pink or many more.

Peach is another very important part of the pink family that looks ravishing especially, if we talk about bridal Peach Chooda. These colours look beautiful with pastels colour outfits. Even the same colour chooda with the bridal outfit is in trend these days. Imagine the bride in a peach lehenga and with the exact colour chooda on her arm. Isn't she pretty? Why still confused, buy peach or Pink Bridal Chooda.

Tangy Orange and Gold

Orange is a bold colour. A bride wearing an orange chooda in contrast with the wedding outfit makes an excellent combination. Orange tint even to a red chooda gives it more vitality and makes it less ordinary. Buying Orange would be a great pick for outfits with darker shaded like brown, blue and burgundy.

Same with gold colour, brides generally add some gold colour with white stoned bangles and Kadas to their Choodas; how about whole golden chooda? Isn't it something out of the box? Brides these days want to have a distinctive look.

Buy Ivory & White Chooda

There was a time when ivory/white was considered inauspicious. Not anymore, these colours are now part of weddings. Nowadays, brides are wearing white coloured outfits along with white chooda and they make a perfect fairy bride. Brides are slaying ivory chooda even with classic red and pastel outfits. It's true!! The world is changing and we must get along.

Choose Perfect Pastel Chooda

Pastels colours are light shades that get along with every colour. Pastels shades of green, pink, peach, blue, all look pretty as they are unique bridal chooda colours. You can rock these choodas by matching them with your outfit or even wearing it with contrast colours; the choice is yours!

Some 'Hatke' Colours - Buy Bridal Chooda with Polki Kadas

These days brides are also opting for some different and outspoken colours with the addition of beautiful Kadas for their wedding choodas. Dark green, Purple, Royal blue, choices like these can’t be carried by everyone. Right?? A bride in a red lehenga wearing green Kundan jewellery along with green chooda may make a perfect combination of two auspicious colours. Don't you feel the same? Do share your opinion, on official accounts of Amazel Design’s Insta, FB accounts.

In this modern world, we each have a custom design in our minds. You can customise your chooda in whatever colour and pattern you want. For more inspiration, you can check the collection of Amazel designs. 

At last, it's your wedding, it's your choice, do whatever you love to. Be bold, classy and out of this world. Experimenting with colours never hurts, because trendy style is what people always have a craving for.