Celebration of Diwali 2021 in the United States of America

Celebration of Diwali 2021 in the United States of America

Diwali is an Indian festival celebrated all over the world. It can be said that Diwali is a Christmas festival for Indian people. It is also known as the festival of lights. Diwali 2021 in the USA will be celebrated on the 4th of November. Just like other times, this year also it will be celebrated with full enthusiasm. The charm of this festival is more than ever as this year people can celebrate it without much restrictions of coronavirus.

Since it is a religious festival celebrated throughout America but with time it has become a cultural event celebrated by non-Indians too. On this very day, sweets, special cuisines are made and people exchange gifts. Apart from that, wearing new clothes and buying new trendy Indian jewelry are some of the other aspects that add more charm to the festival.

What is the Diwali Festival?

It is also named as Divali or Deepavali. Diwali is a festival of lights that celebrates the triumph of light over dark. This festival is celebrated as a victory of good over evil and enlightenment, blessings of God and freedom. The name originated from Sanskrit which means “row of lights.” On the festival night, people light dozens of candles and lamps or Diyas. With the advent of time, people put colorful lights in their homes and at their workplaces too.

There are 5 other festivals that are associated with Diwali

Not just the celebration of Diwali, but there are so many things that people do before Diwali. You can see great festival season discounts on various online and offline stores. Generally, people clean their houses or repaint them. Buying a new house or new household furniture, even a vehicle are some of the preferences of numerous people.

Who Celebrates Diwali?

Well, just like Christmas, Diwali is primarily celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains. Talking about India, then it is a Public holiday when all the public and private sectors are closed. However, Diwali 2021 is celebrated in the USA and other countries too like Singapore, Dubai, Canada, Pakistan, United Kingdom, Australia and several other countries in the world.


Diwali is celebrated in autumn every year or spring, in the southern hemisphere. Diwali festival comes on the darkest day of the lunar month, which is the day of the new Moon.

Diwali Celebration in The United States Of America

  • Just like in India, people in the USA prefer to visit their religious places in the morning as well as in the evening. Apart from that, they visit their near and dear ones’ houses and give sweets and Diwali gifts. This is one of the ways to stay in touch with them and make the bond stronger with other people.  
  • Various Diwali 2021 celebrations in the USA are also being done to make it memorable. Though there is no confirmation of Diwali Mela 2021 in the USA, various Diwali parties are organized individually at various places. Organizing dinner at a commonplace is a way of having a get-together with family and friends. It is done in party halls and in the parks too.
  • At night, firecrackers can also be seen on Diwali night and even before the actual day by numerous people. It is one of the festivals that unite many people. 

Wherever you live, it is important to celebrate the festivals as it helps in connecting with other people. If you are living in the United States of America and want to look good at Diwali 2021 celebrations then you must wear trendy jewelry matching with your outfits. We, at Amazel Designs, deal with all kinds of Indian jewelry. Order your jewelry online without paying any delivery charges.