Can Unmarried Girls Wear Chooda?

Can Unmarried Girls Wear Chooda?

Chura is a gorgeous accessory worn by the bride on the day of her wedding. It is a beautiful set of 21 bangles mainly in red and white colour. Traditionally, it was made of ivory with inlay work but now you can get them in plastic too. Brides wear it for at least 40 days after the marriage. Bridal Chooda is part of the Solah Shingar of married women.

But what about the unmarried girls, can they wear a chooda? Keep reading, to find out!

Today, unmarried girls wear all sorts of jewelry items, unlike the old times when girls were not allowed to do makeup or wear any heavy jewelry. But now the times have changed, unmarried girls also enjoy wearing elegant traditional jewelry. But, if we talk about Traditional Chooda, unmarried girls cannot wear bridal Chooda.

Now, there is a great reason behind it. A chooda is not just a jewelry item, it is a symbol of love and affection between the couple. As Sindoor and Mangal Sutra are signs of married women in Hindu religion similarly, a chooda is a sign of a Punjabi married woman.

Now, it is to think, can an unmarried girl wear sindoor or mangal sutra? No, right! So is with chooda. An unmarried girl cannot wear a Chooda.

Have a look at the fancy alternatives of Chura which an unmarried girl can wear and flaunt without guilt.

Colourful Glass Bangles

Glass bangles are the most suffocated jewelry item for girls. There are numerous options available in the market for glass bangles. These come in every known colour and many exciting designs. You can wear them with different dresses, just mix and match them with your outfit. Another option is to add kadas with these glass bangles, it makes all the difference.

Kundan Kadas

These are beautiful Kundan stone kadas. You can get them in various styles and sizes. Kundan is a special stone, makes every jewelry item look fascinating. You can even get these Kundan Kadas in different colours, matching with your outfits. 

Pearl Kadas

Another amazing creation is pearl Kadas. These kadas have a bunch of small pearls attached on the sides of the Kadas. They look fantastic in white pearl colour. You collaborate with glass bangles to add colour to it. Mix and match, make a perfect bangle set with your outfit.

Silk Thread Bangles 

Silk thread bangles and Kadas are the latest trends. They give a fabric appearance to the bangles and make them more related to the outfit. These come in various colours and sizes too. 

American Diamond Bangles

And then comes the glittering American diamond bangles. Oh well, who doesn't like American diamonds? They are perfect stones to make jewelry. Pair these bangles and kadas with your American diamond earrings and you are good to go.

Hence, a chooda is only meant for married women but why wait till then. Choose from the options mentioned above to create amazing bangle sets. You can get all the jewelry items from Amazel Designs. We are an online

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