Buy Velvet Shawls - What Are the Trendy Velvet Shawls

Buy Velvet Shawls - What Are the Trendy Velvet Shawls

Shawls are a part of Indian women. Women can wear a shawl on the head or shoulder, in place of a coat, sweater or hat, as a shield in the winter season. There are many kinds of shawls available in the market. But velvet shawls are always lovable by every woman. As velvet shawls are soft and graceful. Many kinds of velvet shawls are available online.


Buy Different Colours of Velvet Shawls- 

Wearing shawls is one of the trendiest clothes for ladies while attending weddings and other functions. It is the best way to enjoy winter occasions even with backless suits. Though, there are many colors available in velvet shawls. One can match the colors with their dress. Some of the popular velvet shawl colors to buy online are- 

  • Maroon 
  • Red
  • Black

Let’s discuss some of the trendy types of work available for velvet shawls that you may find attractive for your Indian attire.

Types of Velvet Shawls to Buy Online:

  • Velvet Shawl with Sippi and Golden Tilla Work- Sippi and Tilla is one of the oldest works that were used to make Punjabi suits look marvelous. These works look beautiful in all types of colors. These days, velvet shawls with Sippi and Tilla work are the most demanding. As they go perfect with all types of western as well as traditional Indian dresses. In addition, it is an amazing work that gives an elegant look to velvet shawls.
  • Velvet Shawls with Gotta Patti- Gotta are generally golden or silver in colour just like ribbons and lace. Patti is a leaf-shaped gotta used on shawls. Gotta Patti work gives a stunning look when it is designed on a velvet fabric. As it gives a rich and heavy look to the shawl. But, it is very light-weighted to wear. You can buy velvet shawls with Gotta Patti online.
  • Buy Velvet Shawl with Multi-coloured Thread and Sippi Work- These types of shawls are available in maroon colour as they go superb with every Indian and western dress. Multi-colour thread and sippi work on velvet shawl give an amazing look. The work done on the fabric is fabricated by hand. So, you are the one who appreciates the handicraft then this velvet shawl is the best one to choose from. 
  • Velvet Shawl with Golden Tilla Sippi Work- Golden colour Tilla and Sippi work on velvet shawl gives a bright and dashing look. You can wear it at any festival and on any special occasion. Golden Tilla Sippi's velvet shawl may make you like a ‘Queen’. Many colours of shawl available online. 
  • Velvet Shawl with Stone Work- The stonework on any shawl looks incredible when you wear it. From ancient times till date stonework is loved by almost every woman. The stonework shawl looks elegant. The velvet shawls with stonework are accessible online all over the world as well as in Canada.
  • Red Velvet Shawl with Gotta Patti Work- Red is a color of love and wedding. The newlywed girls always choose a red shawl. A red velvet shawl with gotta Patti gives a fabulous look. Gotta Patti work is beautiful when it comes with a red color shawl. The mixture of golden and red colors always remain in demand as it is a lovely combination. You can buy golden color gotta patti work on red velvet shawl online.


The shawl is an essential attire worn by every Indian woman in winters. Velvet shawls are soft and easy to wear. When a velvet shawl comes with a variety of work and colors then every woman wants to buy and wear it. You can buy all types of velvet shawls online on Amazel Designs. They provide all types of designer Indian velvet shawls free of delivery charges throughout the world.