Buy Variety of Wedding Gana Thread Online

Buy Variety of Wedding Gana Thread Online

Numerous things excite people during wedding seasons. Dance, eating various delicious cuisines, participating in rituals, traditional functions and participating in traditional practices while wedding functions are some of them. One of them is the wedding Gana tying.

What is a Wedding Gana Thread?

Yes, those who don’t know about this ritual must know as this is another very interesting part of Indian weddings. Well, Wedding Gana Tying is a practice in which wedding bracelets are tied on the wrist of all the people present at the wedding. The bracelets are generally red having various beads and Ghungroos (bells) attached to them.

When Wedding Gana Bracelets are Distributed?

After the henna or Mehandi ceremony, wedding Gana Bracelets are distributed to everyone present in the house.

The mother of the bride-to-be or groom-to-be gives these Ganas to each and every person present at the wedding before the D-day. It can be said that a wedding wristband is a kind of sign that showcases that the person belongs to the wedding house. In some families, this wedding Gana thread is given to every person whereas in others they distribute it to the immediate families.

Types of Wedding Gana Bracelets

A wedding Gana bracelet is somewhat similar to a friendship band. There are so many types of wedding wristbands available in the market due to the increasing demand of people worldwide. Some of the popular types of wedding Gana are discussed below. 

Wedding Gana Threads with Beads and Ghungroo - These are Gana threads in which you can see beads in red, green, white colors. In some wedding Gana Threads online you can buy American Diamond rings-like beads in threads that look awesome. Some of them also contain Ghungroo.

Gana Wristbands - You must be aware of friendship bands which we used to tie on the wrist to showcase our love towards our friends. Similarly, wedding Gana wrist bands are beautiful bracelets that are purchased during wedding functions. They are especially tied to the Haldi Ceremony or Mehandi (Henna) Ceremony.

Wedding Gana for Bride & Groom - Do you know wedding Gana for bride and Groom are quite special. These Ganas save the bride and groom from all kinds of evils during the wedding functions.

Multicolor Pom Pom Ganas with Ghungroo - Pom-pom is an amazing accessory that comes in various things. From dresses to footwear, Punjabi Juti and Punjabi traditional jewelry, Pom pom is everywhere. Multicolor PomPom Gana with Ghungroos and beads are in huge demand. Now, you can buy wedding Ganas online at an affordable price.

Wedding Bracelets with Kaudiyaan - Also named as Kaudiyaan Wala Gana. It is the first choice of girls when it comes to Ganas. Generally, girls have extra excitement for wedding functions. And this Kaudiyana Wala Gana can connect with traditional roots.

In conclusion, it can be said that the Gana thread is a traditional way to indulge in wedding ceremonies. Moreover, you can feel special after tying it. If there is a wedding function at your home, or you are purchasing different things for a wedding, then you should buy them. If you are looking to buy the latest wedding bracelets online, then Amazel Designs is the best option.