Buy Unique Jhanjhar Designs Online from Latest Collection

Buy Unique Jhanjhar Designs Online from Latest Collection

Payal, Panjeb or Jhanjar; whatever you call them, are not just jewelry pieces. They reflect so much more in a woman who wears them. Every woman's first jewellery is a set of Panjeb gifted by her grandparents or other relatives. So, we are very much familiar with the soft and melodic sounds created by those tiny Ghungroos mounted on the Punjabi traditional Jhangar.

Earlier women only wore silver Payals and there were not many styles and patterns to choose from. But now there is no limit to the options available to choose from. Whether it's Kundan, Polki, diamond Jhanjar or any other material, you just can't decide to choose just one.

Here we are going to talk about some unique or trendy Payal designs which could definitely raise your style quotient.

What Are the Different Types of Jhanjran? 

  • Beads Instead of Ghungroos Payal Designs

  • Now, this is something new, adding beads or small bunches of tiny beads instead of Ghungroos is very popular these days. This is a good option for the people who are not so fans of the sound rather find it a noise. You can go for golden beads, pearl whites or any other colored beads according to your choice.  

  • Single-Lined Panjeb without Ghungroos

  • If you want to go with 'without Ghungroos' Payal then this Jhanjar design option is for you. These are simple, elegant and single-layered anklets that give a really delicate and soft look to your feet. It could be single-lined American diamonds, Polki or just a layer of white pearly beads. They look fantastic with western dresses and jeans too. 

  • Peepal Patti Jhanjar

  • Peepal Patti is a lightweight option for all Panjeb lovers. In these Jhanjhar designs, small Patti (leaves) shaped hangings are attached with or without Ghungroos. This gives a very unique Jhanjar style that goes amazing with Peepal Patti jewelry. If you are planning to attend a traditional occasion then this would be best to choose from. 

  • Multi-Layered or Broad Jhanjhar Designs

  • These are a royal option for women who love to wear big and chunky Panjebaan. As these are broad and heavy which makes them really attractive and eye-catching. Worn with heavy jewels and well-embroidered attire enhances its beauty and glamour. You can get them with or without Ghungroos according to your preferences. This is mostly picked by the girls while shopping for bridal jewelry. 

  • All About Ghungroos Payal

  • Yes, these types of Jhanjar designs online truly define the meaning of Panjeb. These Payal consist of a bunch of Ghungroos giving out that pleasant sound as you walk. This is a great option for Punjabi functions like Jaggo or ladies sangeet which involves some fun and dancing. Sometimes it is also known as ‘Hajar dana Jhanjhar’ which means there are thousands of Ghungroos mounted in the anklet pair.


  • Some Hatke Payal Designs

  • Well, these are some designer Jhanjar which consist of fun shapes or different styles. Like Doli, Dulha, Dulhan, Flowers and various wedding stuff. These are generally made with Minakari and 3D printing. These designs are loved by young brides, who want something ‘Hatke’ or something unique for their pre-wedding functions.

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