Buy Traditional Punjabi Wedding Accessories for Men Online

Buy Traditional Punjabi Wedding Accessories for Men Online

A wedding is a special day not only for the girls but also for the boys too. Like a bride, a groom also needs to have wedding accessories to look his best on D-day. Today, even men care for their looks as they want to look elegant just like their beautiful bride. Traditional men's accessories added to stylish sherwani will not only enrich the overall appearance but also accentuate the style.

Punjabi grooms have forever been winning the fashion game with their handsome looks. So, grooms-to-be, tick the boxes from this checklist to ace up your style quotient.

List of Wedding Accessories for Punjabi Grooms that You Must Know

Of course, a wedding outfit needs to be perfect but if you really wanna give a tough competition to your bride or want to match her level then you can stand out from the crowd just with the men's accessories. Therefore, here is a list of accessories that every Punjabi groom must have for their wedding.

#1 Punjabi Wedding Sehra

Sehra is a traditional head accessory worn by Punjabi grooms at their weddings. It typically includes head ornamentation that has garlands hanging and covering the groom’s face.  This decorative groom’s veil can be made either out of flowers or beads given to the bride on the Pheras or Anand Karaj is well-matched with Sehra or the groom’s turban. Sehra adds charm to the groom's face and is tied by sisters of the Groom. Later before Pheras(Hindu rituals) or Anand Karaj (Sikh rituals), it is removed by someone from the bride’s side. You can get the latest Shera in different styles and patterns online as well as offline.

#2 Buy Kalgi for Punjabi Groom 

Groom's Turban is incomplete without a showstopper Kalgi on the top which is an important part of Punjabi groom accessories. You can go from minimalistic Kalgi design to Kalgi with pearls chain attached with soft feathers, there’s a vast range of Groom Kalgi available online for you to choose from. Kalgi, stunned with colourful stones and pearls, looks heavenly and gives the groom a Royal King look. 

#3 Choose Groom Mala Online 

Well, a groom's necklace or mala is the most royal thing we could ask for. From pearls to stones to rubies everything looks phenomenal in a groom’s Necklace. If you ask for the latest trend in Groom's Mala, then it is the Layering. You can layer it with 2 different necklaces or get a layered Groom Mala online. Whatever you choose, it is definitely going to raise your style.

#4 Mandatory Katar or Kirpan

Traditional Punjabi grooms comprising Sikh grooms are always seen holding a Katar or Kirpan on their wedding day. I think this look of Punjabi grooms is loved by everyone. The Kirpan symbolizes honor and respect. Beautiful golden or silver carvings enhance its beauty. Carrying Kirpan on D-day is one of the royalties of a Punjabi Wedding.

These all above-mentioned grooms accessories are fashion essentials, generally, all the Punjabi grooms carry these accessories with grace and dignity. Apart from above mentioned there are some more statement accessories which are kind of non-mandatory but adding them will enhance the charm of the Groom

Exclusive Men’s Wedding Accessories 

#1 Best Traditional Kaintha Online

Although, Kaintha is a necklace for men which is generally worn with traditional Punjabi dresses; however; nowadays grooms are also choosing them as an essential accessory to adore Punjabi ancient culture. You can skip the groom mala and add this beautiful Golden Kaintha to have traditional look. Many Sikh or Punjabi grooms opt for this look for their Wedding. You can find beautiful Kaintha on Amazel Designs, do check the latest collection.

#2 Nattiyan for Men 

Yes, men's earrings have also been a part of Punjabi ancient culture for ages. If you are that Rock and Roll Groom do opt for this bold accessory. These are lightweight earrings generally in golden colour and could be carved with Meena. Natthiyan gives a Dapper look to the Groom-to-be.

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