Buy Punjabi Traditional Velvet Suit for Wedding Season - 5 Reasons

Buy Punjabi Traditional Velvet Suit for Wedding Season - 5 Reasons

Most beautiful and luxurious fabric - Velvet is back! Punjabi Velvet suits are the largely loved outfit this wedding season and of course for obvious reasons. It's buttery fabric feel is making everyone go crazy. Social Media is full of velvet suits designed by famous Punjabi designers. Every female Punjabi Artist can be seen in these beautiful velvet pieces. If you are still not convinced to buy Punjabi Velvet Suit then read this blog, it might change your mind.

5 Reasons to Buy Punjabi Velvet Suits Today

Well, Velvet Shawls have always been a part of Punjabi weddings. Especially on Jaago Nights. But now it's the complete Punjabi Velvet Suits that are rocking this season. There are many reasons to invest in these designer pieces but we are mentioning only a few relevant reasons. Have a look!

Fine and Cozy Fabric

One of the main reasons to buy a Velvet Punjabi suit is its coziness. It's always been an issue to wear sweaters or jackets over your beautiful suits at weddings. Frankly, it ruins your overall look but we need to be protected from cold weather too. Here velvet suits give you the solution. As much as it looks luxurious, it also keeps you warm. 

Graceful Finish

The silky feel of the velvet fabric makes it the perfect choice for a wedding party. Even though a plain velvet suit is also ideal for a party, having some sort of embroidery on it adds 4 moons to it. Gotta Patti, Tilla work, Aari work, any type of embroidery looks wonderful on velvet fabric. 

Numerous Color Options

Every color looks beautiful on velvet fabric. Whether they are dark colors like red, blue, green or pastel shades like blush pink, sea green, every color pops out on this fantastic fabric. So, with the,s you get many color options to choose from.

Give a Touch of Royalty

 Want to look royal? Just add Velvet to your wardrobe, it will instantly add a touch of royalty to your look. You need not add a lot of jewelry to your velvet suit because the suit itself is so lustrous. 

Fits in Everyone's Budget 

Velvet fabric feels very expensive but it's not. Moreover, there are many options available in quality which gives you a wider price range. And of course, you can skip on the embroidery work as per your choice and budget. Try to buy Ready-made unstitched Velvet Punjabi suits as they don't cost much and give you a perfect look.

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