Buy Punjabi Bridal Jewelry Online in the USA

Buy Punjabi Bridal Jewelry Online in the USA

A wedding is a special occasion in one's life and it becomes more special when it is a Punjabi wedding. Punjabi weddings are celebrated with great enthusiasm and have a pop of color with beautiful wedding dresses and sparkling Punjabi Traditional Jewelry.

Punjabis are known for their high spirits and good taste in jewelry. The Punjabi Bridal accessories not add glitter to the bride but also compliments her wedding attire. Earlier, getting Traditional Punjabi Jewelry in the USA was challenging but not now. There are many online and offline stores available in the USA which can provide you with the latest Bridal Jewelry Designs.

Here is a list of some of the most loved Punjabi Jewelry ornaments, which can make you a perfect Punjabi bride.

Rani Haar

The Rani Haar necklace is a heavy and elaborate piece of jewelry. The design and pattern of the rani haar add allure to the bride's attire. You can get them in various designs with diamonds, pearls, Kundan, gemstones etc. Try to match your Haar with the details of your wedding dress, this will make you look more put together and beautiful.

Traditional Kada

Punjabis love detailed Kada bangles to match the essence of their magnificent bridal outfit. These Kadas look royal and are the perfect pick for your wedding day. Although the main attraction of the bride is her Chuda bangles, these royal Kadas add flair to her jewelry. You can get many intricate Kada designs to add elegance to the bride's hand. Check out Punjabi Kada Designs and choose according to your preferences.


Another common head accessory of the Punjabi Bride is Maang Tikka. Punjabi brides are considered incomplete with a tikka on their foreheads. The styles of tikka vary from simple to elaborate as per the bride's preference and her other jewelry. Also, different face shapes require different shapes of tikkas to look perfect. Do your research before buying one for you. 


Punjabi Kalire is generally gold or silver plated with dome-shaped ornaments attached to them. They are worn by Punjabi brides as a gift from their friends and cousins. This jewelry had great significance in the past with hanging coconuts and other dried fruits to these Kaleeras. You can read about it here. Now you can get them as flower jewelry, pearls jewelry, etc.


The last but very important jewelry item of the bride is- Chooda. There is a special ceremony solely associated with Chooda in which the maternal uncle puts Chooda on the bride. The bangles of Chooda are usually red and ivory but in modern times you can get it in every color you wish for. Check out the latest collection of Choora bangles online.

These are some of the important Punjabi Bridal jewelry items which you can easily get in the USA with free and early home delivery. Just log on to Amazel Designs' online jewelry store to check the latest and trendy collection to choose some amazing pieces for yourself. Besides jewelry, you can also get other Punjabi wedding essentials from our website. Do visit us once!